What Is Dusky Skin

What Is Dusky Skin And How To Take Care of Dusky Skin.

What is dusky skin?

What is dusky skin? Dusky skin which is slightly darker than fair and white skin tone and slightly on the light brown side. Dusky skin is also known to be “sun-kissed” or “tanned” skin. We will discuss the treatment of dusky skin.

Although, dusky skin is very in-thing nowadays. This is a trend. You have seen many Bollywood heroines, their skin color is dark, even though they show it beautifully. So don’t be ashamed if you have less dusky skin. Show it with pride.

Today we have given 11 beauty tips that will come in handy for dusky skin women. Of course, anyone can follow these beauty tips. Whatever your skin type, keep in mind that it should be healthy and glowing.

How to take care of dusky skin

Treatment of dusky skin. So here in this article, we are going to give some best tips to care for your dusky skin. So below are some treatment of dusky skin.

1. Don’t forget to apply moisturizer.

Choose moisturizer according to your skin. Before buying a moisturizer, make sure it contains glycerin, or petrolatum, or lanolin. It also has at least SVF 30 Sun Protection. Moisturizer should always be applied to moist skin. As a result, skin moisturizers can be easily absorbed.

2. Choose the right shade foundation.

If you choose a light shade foundation from the skin, in that case, the skin will look gray. So when buying foundation, try to apply it on the forehead or cheek without looking at the shade. If you don’t get the perfect shade, mix, and apply. It takes two foundations, one darker than your skin and one lighter. Use a mixture of the two. Avoid powder foundation if you have dusky skin.

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3. Avoid glossy lipstick.

Instead, choose darker shades such as red, berry, coral, hot pink, burgundy, brown, etc. Matte finish lipstick is ideal for dusky skin. Before applying lipstick, you must paint the lips with a matching shade with lipstick. If you want to highlight your lips, apply a little concealer on your lips before applying lipstick.

4. Choose a bold shade.

Light-colored eye shadow cannot be seen in darker colors. So always choose a bold shade Purple, Green, Copper, Silver, Silver Burnt Pink and Brown will look great. For those who have a dusky low placation, their Smoky Eye looks great, so feel free to try it. But keep in mind that mixing two colors from the same color family will make your eyes look more attractive.

5. Make eyebrows beautiful.

Make sure the eyebrows are in the right shape. Use a brown pencil to highlight eyebrows. Avoid black pencils because they will look very artificial when used.

6. Choose the right shade

The pink blusher is now a thing of the past. Choose the right shade for those who have a darker placation. If you can’t do it yourself, take the help of a beauty expert. The combination of Gold and Rose looks very good. Also always choose a warm color.

7. Hair highlighting

Hair highlighting can be a great option for you. Chocolate brown and burgundy are best, However, if you color or highlight the hair, take extra care of the hair.

8. Use sunscreen

Be sure to use sunscreen before going out in the sun. Because if the dark color becomes tan, it will look darker. It will also damage the skin. In addition to sunscreen, you can cover your face with a light cotton scarf before going out in the sun. Use umbrellas and sunglasses all the time.

9. Be cautious with pimples and acne.

People with dark skin are more prone to pimples and acne. So take care of your skin. Keep your face clean regularly, use anti-pimple cream. Also, if you have pimples, do not touch them. This can lead to black spots.

10. Do not use powder.

Its recommended not to use powder. But the skin will look white or gray. Instead, try to use the cream all the time. Remember that powder does not want to blend with the skin at all, so it is better to use foundation instead.

11. Avoid oil.

It is better not to put oil on the face. Use moisturizer instead for dusky skin.

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