Coronavirus Taught Us

What Coronavirus Taught Us? 20 Important Lessons.

What Coronavirus Taught Us

Coronavirus has taught us so many things. There are some lessons that are going on with the Coronavirus epidemic at this time. By adopting which mankind can use in the future. What coronavirus taught us? Well, here are 20 important lessons:

1. Health is a great asset
The cure is found only when you are sick – what a great blessing health is. Not wealth, not value, staying healthy is actually the biggest thing. Here, too, the status of teeth is not known as having teeth. The coronavirus in a new way raises the concern that it is important to properly assess the recovery time before becoming ill. One can see everything in front of the eyes only when one person with coronavirus and his family is matched with another healthy person and Gar family. That is why the coronavirus is strongly promoting the precious resource called wellness.

2. Roaming outside is a big issue

Coronavirus Taught Us
And now the beauty is near. An Italian doctor wrote, “If people understood the horrors of the corona, they would not even look out the window.” Now everyone realizes how fortunate it is to be able to set foot outside the house. Corona is bringing all these truths to the fore anew and introducing them to everyone.


3. Life is trivial
Coronavirus has taught us the smallness and decay of life. The coronavirus presents us with the living truth that death is the inevitable destiny and consequence of human life. Only living beings will taste death. That could lead to death at any time. So one should always be ready for death. It is necessary to give up unwanted illusions, delusions, pride, and egoism. You need to keep all your work transparent and clean. So that standing at the door does not have to regret after death.

4. No power is infinite

Coronavirus has taught us that no matter how much people improve in industry, education, power, armaments, science, and technology, no one is infinite. Rather, power on one back is helplessness on the other. Helpless surrender is now visible all over the world. ‘What to do today can’t think’ situation. The endangered world in the grip of a tiny virus. There is no good news anywhere. Seeing the fall of Birbahu who showed infinite power, one has to understand that no one is actually infinite. Everything has boundaries. Infinite is the only creator. The bravery of the Creator does not fit into the past of creation.

5. Nature cannot be disturbed
When people are confined to nature, they rejoice. Due to the closure of public gatherings on the shores of the sea, fish and dolphins have joined the water sports. Noise pollution, air pollution is reduced, the huge joy of the wings. The river is getting back its color. The trees have also become fresher. Abundant oxygen. The beasts of the forest have come down on the unmanned highway. Overall an environment is full of biodiversity. People have forgotten the last time they saw such an environment. As a result, it is easy to understand that mankind can live in a more beautiful environment without disturbing nature.

6. Hygiene

Hygiene is the most important factor in preventing coronavirus infection. Handwashing with soap, disinfection in sanitizer, bleaching powder, and various disinfectants are being used to stay disease-free. Initiation is seen to stay away from infection by doing body cleansing and cleaning. Unnecessary hand-to-nose contact, where there is a bad habit of coughing and spitting, is advised to leave. There is also national awareness about the use of gloves-caps-masks, disinfection of food items, and disinfection of wearables. These good habits can be used in daily life.

7. No one

It is one of the most important things that coronavirus has taught us. The child is leaving the mother on the street. Leaving my father in the forest. Brother Hawa left his brother’s body. Sister reluctant to see their sister. Friends are denying friendship. Being close to strangers. That is pushing away anyone who can. Social beings are captives in their own circles by assuming anti-social forms. One state after another closed the border. Most of them are busy to survive by squeezing the hand of help and cooperation. In fact, coronavirus has taught us the cruel reality. This virus gives comprehensive instructions to go away and stay away. From this, it can be assumed that no one is in the final test.

8. Saving is energy
Saving means resorting to hard times. Before there was a paddy filled with shells, fish-filled with ponds, fields filled with crops. The ark was full of money. Due to all these, bad times could not be found. Now there is no such path, no patchouli. Now people go to the bank. Life goes on with the goods bought with money. In the meantime, those who have saved have confidence And the plight of others. So don’t go with the lesson of saving trend.

9. Etiquette

Nowadays, there is a saying called smart etiquette. Europe-America and modern educated people were familiar with the etiquette of sneezing and coughing as ‘sorry’, ‘excuse me’ etc. However, these are only superficial expressions. The health aspect is neglected. There is no health protection even in handshakes and hugs. So don’t shake it everywhere. He said that it is more important to reduce health risks than etiquette.

10. Self-purification

There is a famous quote from renowned heart specialist Dr. Devi Sethi. He said, ‘Thank God when you sleep at night, thank God when you wake up in the morning, stay healthy.’ He actually said this so as not to forget spiritual matters. Many other medical scientists also say that the mental energy that comes from surrendering to the Creator. This time there is an opportunity to worship/pray from house to house with a more focused mind towards that Creator. Besides, there is also the benefit of learning the values of the family environment. Let’s just talk about a mask. From the mask, it can learn that wherever the mouth cannot be used, the unbridled use of the mouth is forbidden. This is the golden opportunity to purify oneself and others in this way.

11. Awareness of the disease

Coronavirus Taught Us

The other most important thing that coronavirus has taught us is you should aware of any disease. Not only this virus, but also the plague of the past, leprosy, Ebola from the spring to the recent period, the symptoms, causes, remedies, and results of SARS have now become experts in the house. These pathologists can play an important role in raising awareness and caution in the future.

12. Change in lifestyle
A proper person with a healthy body and a beautiful mind. A routine of healthy and safe living has become known. Almost everyone has an idea about when to eat, when to go to bed, what to do, what to skip, etc. In particular, awareness has been raised about quitting smoking, not staying up late, eating on time, healthy recreation, spending time on creative work, and exercise. Many have also become accustomed to following the advice of nutritionists and lifestyle specialists. These can be used in the future.

13. Changing eating habits

Eating out, bringing food to home delivery, Corona has given a big slap in the fast-food culture. Coronavirus infection has been found in food in these processes. So many people are spending the day at home eating it off. Corona has shown that life goes on without food outside. Besides, the herbal, vitamin, and organic ingredients in the food have returned to the leaves like in the golden past. Black cumin, honey, vitamin C, lemon water, yellow tea, milk, eggs, bananas, and other foods that increase immunity are widely consumed. The practice of abstaining from eating unhealthy foods has been adopted due to the closure of various indoor and outdoor events.

14. Giving time to family

It’s also another important thing which coronavirus has taught us. The world is very competitive. The race is going on equally everywhere. The family was getting lost in the crowd of office, business, profession. People are starting to forget that family is an important social institution due to lack of time. Corona brings people back to the family. Family beauty and fulfillment of responsibilities comes to the fore anew. People who have been in a long lockdown are starting to think of family as a valuable part of their lives again.

15. Making mental fortitude
Coronavirus has brought a big shock to the mind. There is unrest, full of bad news all around. More danger if attacked at such a time. You have to leave your loved ones and go to the silence of the grave. Didn’t meet anyone. Maybe meeting the doctor-nurse from time to time. However, living in solitude full of equipment is also becoming mentally weak. Some people are accepting death in this way. Doctors say that corona victory requires mental strength as well as treatment. The coronavirus cannot do much good if the body as well as the mind develops resistance. This new aspect of clinical psychology will play an important role in the study of pathology.

16. Globalization

Airplanes are moving faster than the speed of sound. The world is trying to run even faster than the speed of light. After having breakfast in the west, people can come to the east after having lunch in the Middle East and have dinner. The unimaginable advancement of communication and information technology has brought the world under its control. The coronavirus epidemic has brought the world closer. More acquaintances. Where what is happening, how is living, how is dying, because what the results are all coming to the fore. Even the global spread of corona in this way is the evil of globalization.

17. Digitalization:

The world is now in the final stages of digitalization. After the announcement of lockdown in Corona, various activities including a digital office are going on. From the White House to Ganobhaban – digital presence is visible everywhere. Everywhere you look today, the tide of protectionist sentiment is flowing. This digitalization is the most effective way to collect and supply any data. This alternative method can be used to deal with the situation in the future.

18. Use of social media

There is no time to deny the role of social media including Facebook and Twitter. Any data is instantly coming into the hands of people in lockdown. Maybe rumors / exaggerated/biased issues are also floating here. Even then, the real news drives the rumors at the end of the day. That is why people under house arrest keep an eye on social media for information and opinions. As a result, it is necessary to decide what to do keeping in mind the widespread use of this medium in the future.

19. The triumph of electronic media

There is a rumor in the printed version of the media that the coronavirus can be transmitted. Later, the World Health Organization explained that it was baseless. However, the reference of the organization did not remove the strong idea. On the contrary, some doctors instructed them to be careful in this regard. Electronic media triumphed on this occasion. People are increasingly dependent on news and features in electronic and online media. However, the print media did not die. People also stumble upon online versions of various print media. In line with the situation, print journalism as well as the importance of the online genre is emphasized.

20. Ability Test

This is called the triumphant era of science and progress. Artificial intelligence has joined the human intellect. Never before has there been so much engineering, technology, so much information. It is very easy to win anything at this time. There, a whole planet is devastated by a tiny invisible force called the coronavirus. Great scientists, not all of the extraordinary research labs are getting the solution. So even at this time, the coronavirus is laughing at the question of how much ability people are gaining. The Coronavirus teaches that there is much more to be done to survive successfully.


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