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11 Bad Habits That Contribute To Weight Gain. You Must Know.

11 Bad Habits That Contribute To Weight Gain

I am sure that if you follow these tips, you will lose your excess weight and stay fit in life. So my request to you, share these tips with everyone. In this post, we will know some weight gain bad habits.

Here are 11 bad habits that contribute to weight gain:

1. Always eat white sugars, never eat red sugars at all:

We usually eat foods made with white sugars, such as white flour, white rice, etc. These are processed foods, so they are low in fiber, low in nutrients, digested quickly, and insulin levels. Increases the desire to eat more food. Salt rice, red flour is not processed food. They maintain the nutritional value of food, contain a lot of fiber. As a result, it helps in the digestion of food and the body gets proper nutrition. Moreover, as it takes time to digest, it stays in the stomach for a long time and the appetite does not get fast, it also maintains the level of insulin in the blood.

2. Eating sugary drinks and foods:

Sugary soft drinks are very popular these days, even with children. Remember, we don’t need sugar in our body because sugar is a processed food that has no nutrients. It is high in sugars and calories. When taken, it accumulates as fat in the body and increases weight. Sugar increases the body’s insulin and arouses the desire to eat food, the result: eating more food, being overweight. The same goes for energy drinks, bottled fruit juices, restaurant drinks.

3. Not eating the food of the day at the right time:

It is one of the most important bad habits that contribute to weight gain. It is very important to know when and how to eat the food of the day. When you wake up in the morning and get up early in the morning, the day starts nicely. Other meals should be eaten early or on time. If you eat dinner three hours before bedtime, digestion will be fine, the weight will be fine. It is better not to eat any heavy food after 8 pm.

4. Don’t eat nutritious food:

Eating a variety of nutritious foods on your daily food list helps you lose weight, gain weight, and stay healthy. Many people eat only one type of food: for example: eat sugars, eat more rice with a lot of meat. Do not eat vegetables, or just eat pulses rice.

5. Not knowing how to eat in restaurants:

Many of us eat in restaurants, but when we see funny food, we jump and forget about health. Remember, eating more means gaining more weight. So what to know and obey to eat in restaurants:
i. You can’t order a lot of food at once, order a small amount of food, eat a small or moderate amount, and bring the rest home.

ii. Buffet food should be omitted: Buffet food means how many days of food to eat at once think a little? Eating so many foods at once is bound to gain weight. Even if you go to the buffet, sit away from the buffet table.

iii. Low-calorie foods, such as salads, soups, sugary drinks, etc. should be ordered. Try to eat fish instead of meat. Order grilled baked food instead of fried food.

6. Not getting enough sleep at night:

Many people diet, exercise, but can’t lose weight at the right time and get enough weight, or can’t get to the right weight. People who sleep less than 8 hours a day are more likely to gain weight.
The reason is two hormones: leptin (appetite suppressant hormone) and ghrelin (appetite enhancing hormone). If sleep is not good, leptin decreases, and ghrelin increases. High levels of ghrelin increase appetite and low levels of leptin do not satisfy the appetite, make you feel more hungry, and want to eat, resulting in weight gain. So it is important to get a good night’s sleep early and get better. Living, what you need to know.

7. When you are on a diet, do not write down what you are eating:

If you are on a diet, you may not be able to come to the right weight, so you can write down in a diary what you are eating throughout the day. Keep track of how many calories you are getting, how many calories you are eating. How you are compensating for playing more than one day. How you are gaining your ideal body weight.

8. Don’t weigh regularly:

People who weigh regularly are more aware of weight than those who don’t. Regular weight measurement helps you to maintain or reduce your regular weight. It is always the right rule to measure weight at a certain time of the day, otherwise, the weight may vary. Measuring weight once a week is the right way.

9. Excessive TV watching or doing something while sitting for a long time:

Watching TV for a long time is very bad for the body because it is designed to keep our body functioning. Studies have shown that people who watch TV for more than 4 hours a day are more likely to gain weight than those who watch it for an hour. Working long hours at a time, such as working at a computer, can also be a cause of obesity.

Because at that time you do not move, absolutely immobile, the body does not burn any calories, so the body is inactive, resulting in a decrease in heart rate, blood pressure, metabolic rate, which in the long run tends to gain weight. So you have to work from sitting for a long time, such as: doing housework, doing your own daily work, such as washing clothes, tidying clothes, tidying the table, etc. Instead of sitting in the office for long periods of time, you can take a short walk, or do some office exercises.

Never eat while working in the office or watching TV, eat very carefully and do nothing at that time.

10. Eating more food due to emotional or work/test stress in life:

There are many difficult times in life. People tend to eat more food due to emotional or excessive hunger. Then if you can’t control yourself, the result is weight gain by eating more. For example, many students gain weight during exams, wake up at night, and eat more food at night. Many people gain weight by eating more even if they are not hungry due to depression, anxiety, and stress. Know how to overcome anxiety.

11. Not exercising regularly:

Exercise? Where is the time? It is not possible to exercise by working so hard all-day. This is our attitude towards exercise nowadays. The body will feel tired after working all day. But if you do not exercise regularly, you will never maintain your physical fitness. The role of exercise in taking care of your body is immense. Exercise is very important for everyone. There are many benefits to exercise. So it is your job to discover what that is and to bring it about. This requires awareness, agility, etc. Through exercise, you will get physical and mental fitness, burn calories, keep weight under control, strengthen bones, muscles, strengthen age, reduce age, become smart, be confident, increase immunity. Nothing — just 30 minutes of walking will keep your weight under control. Know more about the benefits of walking. Learn the rules of walking.

These all are the bad habits that contribute to weight gain.

If you have any of the above mentioned bad habits, you must avoid them to lose weight. Advise others as well. Remember — habits are human slaves, not human habits slaves. So, if you try, you too can lose weight by eliminating this bad habit. All we need to do is try and correct the mistakes. Hope you can.

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