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Tammy Hembrow is an Australian famous Instagram star, fitness expert, and social influencer who came to the spotlight with over 11.6 million followers on her self-titled Instagram handle. She also has a huge following on her self-owned YouTube channel where she has achieved around 1.32 million subscribers. Moreover, Tammy posts pictures and videos of her amazingly fit body and shares with her fans her fitness goals on her self-titled accounts. She earned fame after documenting her fit pregnancy and her booty program and highlighting the same through social media. Tammy describes herself as a proud mother, entrepreneur, Gymshark athlete, and fitness mentor. She documented her pregnancy and the weeks following her pregnancy to record her fitness regime while coming back to shape after giving birth to her child.

Tammy Hembrow Wiki / Bio

Tammy Hembrow was born on 22 April 1994 in Gold Coast, Australia, and was raised along with her family, friends, and other members in her hometown. Her nickname is Tammy. She is 28 years old, as of now 2022. Tammy belongs to Australian nationality. Her zodiac sign is Taurus. She took birth in a well-settled wealthy and prosperous Christian family, so Tammy follows the religion of Christianity. Professionally, she is a personal trainer and yoga teacher who accumulated a huge fan base through her yoga tips on different social platforms.

Tammy Hembrow Age

As per her date of birth, Tammy Hembrow’s age is 28 years old, as of now 2022. She took birth on 22 April 1994 in Gold Coast, Australia. So, Tammy celebrates her birthday every year on 22 April along with her family, friends, and other family members. Her zodiac sign is Taurus.

Tammy Hembrow Bio
Tammy Hembrow

Tammy Hembrow Height, Weight, and Physical appearance 

Talking about her physical appearance, Tammy Hembrow’s height is about 5 feet 6 inches and her weight is 53 kg approximately. She looks attractive with her brown eyes and Tammy has long silky brown hair. The fitness model and instructor are flimsy and stunning. She has a captivating personality. Tammy follows a balanced diet and exercises regularly to maintain her amazing body figure. 

Tammy Hembrow Education and Degree 

Talking about Tammy Hembrow’s educational qualifications, in her childhood, she enrolled herself in the local private high school in her hometown, and later, she took admitted to the University and received a bachelor’s degree from Australia.

Tammy Hembrow Career

Even though Tammy was interested in sports as a child, she later gave in to bad habits and started to lead an unhealthy lifestyle as a teenager. She says that she “partied, drank, smoked, and did pretty much everything” that she should not have done. Regardless, once she learned about fitness and proper nutrition, she started working out regularly. She was amazed at how different she felt after starting to work out.

Tammy Hembrow Height
Tammy Hembrow

She started her fitness journey and posted her progress on her Instagram account. She had a decent fan base on Instagram even before she became pregnant and started documenting her pregnancy through pictures. She decided to track her pregnancy on Instagram as some social media stars have done on YouTube or other platforms. She regularly posted pictures of her pregnant body and her workout details. By doing this, she has gained a large number of young women as followers, who look up to her as inspiration for getting the perfect body they want.

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She gradually became a sensation on Instagram and eventually turned the platform into a business. She is so popular on Instagram that she didn’t move to other social media platforms for a long time even though her followers kept insisting. She also has a YouTube channel where she posts vlogs and fashion videos.

Tammy Hembrow Fitness Training

According to Tammy Hembrow, most women think that they can never regain their pre-pregnancy body once they get pregnant. She says that it is completely false, and if you cannot get back the same body, you can always make it better.

Tammy Hembrow Age
Tammy Hembrow

Her fitness regime is a mix of a clean diet and regular exercise. She trains 5 days a week and goes a bit easy on her diet on weekends, having ‘cheat meals’ in restaurants. After her fitness regime started to show its result in her body, she decided to share with everyone what she has learned. She took it upon herself to motivate and inspire women to lead healthy lifestyles.

By documenting and posting her transformation on Instagram, she intends to show young women and mothers all over the world what can be achieved if they are consistent with their fitness schedule. Especially, she doesn’t want women to give up working out after they have a baby.

During her pregnancy, Tammy Hembrow took pictures of her body at different times to compare those pictures with those taken after pregnancy. A couple of months after having her daughter, she posted a few such images on her Instagram account to show how quickly she came back to shape after pregnancy. She also noted, “It’s truly incredible what the human body can do”.

Even though most of her followers admired her, she also faced criticism from a section of her followers who refused to believe that the pictures were real and blamed her for photoshopping the images. However, when Metro.co.uk asked Micka, a personal trainer at MM Fitness London, about her input, she said that it is perfectly possible for someone to achieve what Tammy has performed, even though she doesn’t recommend anyone to follow such a rigorous fitness regime just after giving birth.

Tammy Hembrow Weight
Tammy Hembrow

Tammy Hembrow YouTube

Apart from being active on her Instagram account, Tammy furthermore operates a self-owned and self-titled YouTube channel where she publishes content related to fitness, gym, steps, yoga, challenges, and other amazing content.

Her youtube channel has accumulated a massive amount of subscribers. She commenced her youtube channel on 14 July 2012, since then, she has delivered considerable content on Youtube, and within a short period, she has accumulated a huge number of subscribers on her channel and likes on her Youtube videos.

Tammy is extremely prominent on Youtube. She has thousands of subscribers on her Youtube channel. She posts videos on her Youtube channel repeatedly. She is adored a lot by her fanatics and she has millions of opinions on her videos. She broadcasted her foremost video on 1 Sept 2016, with the title, A DAY IN THE LIFE WITH A NEWBORN AND TODDLER | vlog”, and has won the heart of millions of people. And the video was loved by her fanatics and received numerous views, and it also motivate her to upload more videos.

Tammy Hembrow Family
Tammy Hembrow

Her most viewed videos are “BIGGER BOOTY WORKOUT | women’s best”, “Life update: we broke up”, “15-minute fat-burning HIIT workout”, etc. She mostly posts videos related to fitness, training, lifestyle, travels, family, Fashion, Makeup, Vlogs, and other amazing content on her self-titled YouTube channel. Moreover, Tammy has achieved over 1.32 million subscribers on her self-titled YouTube channel.

Tammy Hembrow Family / Siblings / Parents 

Tammy took born into an Australian family and raised along with her family, friends, and other members. She has a very close relationship with her parents. She loves to spend quality time with them. She was born and brought up in Australia. There is a rumor that her father is a businessman in the hometown and Talia’s mother takes care of her household. Her father’s name is Mark Hembrow and Tammy’s mother’s name is Nathalie Hembrow.

Moreover, she grew up along with her siblings, an employee of Di Jones Real Estate Amy Hembrow who was worked as their marketing coordinator and graphic designer since 2015. Emilee Hembrow is a picture blogger on Instagram whose journey through pregnancy is shared on her self-titled account, which has earned over 1.1 million followers. She is also a part-time model and paid commercial worker.

Along with these, she has more sisters Ava, and she has a half-sister who is the second youngest of five Hembrow sisters Starlette Thynne that have become Instagram sensations. Additionally, Tammy has two brothers but their name is not valid presently. Along with these, all the siblings are very close to each other and spend time together in unity.

Presently, we are researching her brother’s name and other family details, however, if we receive information we will update it.

Tammy Hembrow Marriage / Husband / Children, Divorce, Relationship

The fans of Tammy are seeking to know about her relationship, with whom she is dating presently, or whom she has dated in her past. She is married. She is romantically linked with Matt Poole. He is a sufer, who is known for his accomplishments in Australian water sports as a member of the Red Bull surfing team. The couple first met online and then Matt purposed to her and then they began started dating. 

The pair has a baby daughter named Posy to whom Tammy gave birth in the month of June 2022. But in her past, she married a personal trainer and popular Instagram personality Reece Hawkins whose feed is a mix of family and workout photos. The couple was happily enjoying their life but because of their personal issue, the pair decided to separate, and in the year 2018, finally, the couple split. Moreover, the couple has two children, a son named Wolf and a daughter named Saskia.

Currently, Tammy lived peacefully with her boyfriend, child, and other members. She frequently shares pictures with her love, children, and other family members. The couple is happy with each other and enjoying their romantic life peacefully.

Tammy Hembrow is spending time with her boyfriend and her children
Tammy Hembrow is spending time with her boyfriend and her children

Tammy Hembrow Net Worth

Tammy Hembrow’s net worth is approx $1.2 million USD. She didn’t disclose anything regarding her net worth or income. But according to the information, and data available on the internet, Tammy Hembrow’s net worth is approximately USD 1.2 million. The main sources of her income are being a famous fitness trainer, modeling, YouTuber, and other social influencers. It might be that her income will increase in the coming future.

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Tammy Hembrow TikTok

She is a very popular Australian content creator who has accumulated popularity for her tammyhembrow TikTok account where she publishes lip-syncs and videos replying to comments, usually filmed in her car. Tammy has accumulated a massive number of followers on her self-owned and self-titled TikTok account. Her sisters have appeared on her TikTok account.

Tammy is a prominent famous social media celebrity and Tiktok sensation who is pleasingly popular for the content she creates and broadcasts. Often, she can be detected broadcasting her Tiktok videos for her exercise, yoga tips, and fitness training which love by her fanatics.

Tammy Hembrow Siblings
Tammy Hembrow

One of her extremely widespread TikTok videos is a duet video with another Tiktoker. Tammy has created her fan base on TikTok. She is extremely predominant in the TikTok industry. Her TikTok videos have encouraged her to gather a huge number of followers from all over the world. She is enormously prevalent in the TikTok industry.

She is pleasingly known for her TikTok account where she especially uploads her short videos. She has gathered a tremendous amount of followers on TikTok. After accumulating notoriety in her modeling career, Tammy tried her hand on TikTok and since then she has developed huge stardom in the TikTok Industry.

Tammy joined the short video-making app TikTok and started sharing her lip-sync videos she made videos on trending songs of popular artists. Her posts revolve around her fitness, training, lifestyle, travels, family, and other amazing content.

Tammy Hembrow Instagram

Along with being a widespread video content creator on TikTok, Tammy is correspondingly recognized as a model and social media influencer on Instagram. She is frequently witnessed posting pictures and videos that give her followers an understanding of her confidential life and along with that, she posts some of her fitness training, tips, and steps photoshoots as well.

She has accumulated a tremendous number of followers on her self-owned and self-titled Instagram account. She is correspondingly active on the photo-sharing app Instagram. Tammy posts about her lifestyle, modeling photos, brand endorsement content, hot and sensual photos, and travel content on her Instagram account. As of now, she has amassed thousands of followers on Instagram.

Tammy commenced her early modeling career operating as a model for numerous shows and modeling agents in the adult genre before evolving as a prominent Instagram star. She started her Instagram Journey by posting her gorgeous selfie. Tammy is pleasingly known for her Instagram account and captivating pictures shared by her. Being a very popular face on Instagram, she was inquisitive about modeling since she was a teenager. She used to partake in school programs and exhibitions.

With the passage of time, she developed more interest in modeling and fashion and was determined to make her career in the same field. With growing notoriety as a video content creator on social media platforms, Tammy has also amassed a huge number of followers on different social media platforms, especially on Instagram by sharing her exquisite, alluring, enchanting, scalding photos, and fashion content.

Tammy Hembrow Twitter

Tammy is a very popular social media star, who has been active on Twitter for several years. She has millions of followers on her Twitter handle, with whom she conveys the fragments of her life. The notoriety of her career on Twitter and various social media handles and likewise Tammy has expanded a lot of supporters on Twitter in contemporary months.

Tammy Hembrow with her baby child
Tammy Hembrow with her baby child

She has a Twitter account. Like other social media handles, she has developed a massive fan following on her Twitter account. She has accumulated millions of followers on her Twitter account. Tammy is highly active on Twitter, she is often seen tweeting about various topics and discussions which are trendy. Gradually, Tammy is gaining much more followers on her Twitter account.

Tammy Hembrow Social Media

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