Skin Polishing

Skin Polishing Treatment: Procedure, Side Effects, Cost And Recovery.

Skin Polishing

Skin polishing is also known to be as microdermabrasion, skin exfoliation, and skin brightening. The purpose of skin polishing is to remove the dark spots, remove acne, fine lines, and its texture. A way to improve it by making your skin smooth, radiant, and soft. Since the dead skin and unwanted dark spots are removed by killing the dead cells the skin becomes brighter. So it’s a great way to counteract skin damage. We will aslo discuss skin polishing treatment later on.

Although this can be done at home or in a dermatologist’s clinic. But make sure before doing this, you have taken the advice from an expert. For an individual, this treatment requires taking part in separate sessions and until then the skin is polished to make it more attractive. It is broadly used to furnish the skin with the sustenance it needs, and proficiently taken out the dead skin cells.

Skin polishing treatment is suitable and safe for all skin types. The peeling method or skin disease is gentle and highly effective on the skin, nourishing the skin in each session. Although this is not a lengthy process. It takes almost 45 minutes in one session. Moreover, there are barely any side effects to this treatment, as the skin has improved its appearance and feel. After the session, the skin may become temporarily reddish, which disappears as time goes on.

You can use skin polishing in your back, neck, and even the hands since it’s not limited to the face. Stretch marks, hyperkeratosis, blemishes, disorders, pigmentation, uneven skin, etc. can instantly be cured with skin polishing techniques that promise a lifelong healthy look both internally and externally.

How is the skin polishing treatment done?

Skin polishing treatment is very easy and gentle and it can be similar to facial. During the session, before treatment, the face will thoroughly be cleansed to make sure it is free of any makeup or other chemical products.

The dermatologist would then utilize the microdermabrasion head, several times around the face as that would help shed your skin and help the scars or spots on the skin. This treatment will run for about 30 to 45 minutes in one session.

In this treatment, equipment does everything from removing the dead skin cells to giving new life to the skin. Microdermabrasion will penetrate every pore of the skin as the head sucks the dead cells and makes the skin look reddish and nourish the skin to smooth the face.

The session will apply creams or serums on the skin to heal open pores on the skin and stop treatment. There may be redness of the skin, which stops over time and the cream or serum helps prevent any further side effects.

Once reddened, the skin will feel light, soft, and smooth and the person can continue the sessions to meet the needs he wants to achieve.

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Who is eligible for the treatment?

Now always check if you are eligible to do this treatment because it’s important. Adults can usually be exfoliators for skin polishing treatment as it is a great way to heal lines, blemishes, and other environmentally damaging symptoms from the skin surface.

Who is not eligible for the treatment?

People who come in contact with bad symptoms that need to be treated at a deeper level of this skin cannot do this treatment.

Side Effects

It’s an important thing to check whether it has any side effects or not prior to doing skin polishing. Although, this treatment has minimal side effects. This is a very gentle procedure that is similar to the facial. This treatment may cause a slight redness after the session is over but over time the garment wears off, giving the person the soft and smooth skin they are hoping for after the session.

What to do after skin polishing?

  • People undergoing treatment are advised to stay clean from the sun. An adequate amount of sunscreen should be applied to protect against the sun.
  • People who have done this treatment are requested to avoid any kind of sunbathing, sauna, or steam treatments for the next 7 days.
  • It is advised to wash the face only after 6 to 8 hours after completing one session.
  • Each session follows a 3 to 4-week break, giving the skin time to heal and regenerate properly.
  • Any sort of utilization should stay away from for the following 3 or 4 days after the treatment.

How long does it take to recover?

A standard treatment session of skin polishing continues for about 6 to 12 weeks, so the skin does not begin to show improvement anytime soon, in the case of reducing marks and blemishes, or by removing dead cells to brighten the skin making it smooth and soft as well.

What is the cost of skin polishing treatment?

Basically, in India, the cost of skin polishing can be around Rs.12000 however it depends and varies according to the intensity of the need.

Are the results of skin polishing treatment permanent?

The consequences of this treatment are semi-permanent as it assists with making dull skin look more splendid, smoother, and milder. Nonetheless, if the skin isn’t dealt with appropriately, similar state returns after which this treatment should be gone through once more. In any case, for symptoms like scars, stretch imprints, hyperkeratosis, and others, skin polishing goes about as a permanent cure to give the individual an engaging appearance more than ever.

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