Shirodhara Treatment: Types, Procedure, Cost And Benefits.


Shirodhara is one of the most effective and refreshing practices in Panchakarma purification therapy. Moreover, this is a very relaxing method, which relieves physical and mental stress and fatigue very lightly.

It originates from two words, “Shir” i.e. head, and “Dhara” i.e. flow or edge. So this is to leave a torrent of oil on the forehead for a certain time to get rest, freshen up, and for treatment. However, the goal of this method is to bring physical and emotional balance while refreshing the conscious and maintaining health.

Although, in today’s lifestyle, people are quite busy, but those who like to stay fit, try new techniques. This not only keeps them healthy but also gives many other benefits. Not yoga, but today we are talking about a technique called Shirodhara, which is a proven natural medicine to flush out harmful toxins from the body as well as the brain. Moreover, you can easily perform it at home using the available materials.

So there are four types of special stages of this treatment are Teladhara, Kshirdhara, Takradhara, and Jaladhara. It is a kind of external affection for the body.

How Shirodhara Works

As stated in Ayurveda, it works primarily on the Vata Nadi institution or nervous system. Traditionally it uses for relaxing the nerves, keeping the Vata balanced, strengthening the nerves, removing stagnant expressions, and mental purification. In addition to Ayurvedic treatment, it considers being an important tool for attaining higher states of consciousness. It is one of the best methods to get relief from migraines.

Procedure of Shirodhara

First step:
With mild smooth music, you are asked to sit comfortably. This serene environment makes you feel relaxed along with your nerves.

Second step:
In a rhythmic way, at a particular temperature, the edge of the oil containing the medicine is dropped in the middle of your forehead from a particular height. The lukewarm oil calms enlarged gout in the nervous system.

Third step:
This process lasts for 30–35 minutes and is followed by an Ayurvedic massage of the head. To stabilize the functioning of the nerves, practitioners work on specific points of reference, including keeping the brain calm, joyful, and clear.

Types of Shirodhara

Ordinarily, oils, coconut water, decoctions, buttermilk, and milk prepared with different spices are utilized in this treatment. Because of variations in fluids, its sorts are chosen as follows:

  • Taila Dhara (Thyla Dhara): Oils are utilized in this sort of dhara.
  • Takra Dhara (Thakradhara): Buttermilk is utilizing as the primary element of pouring fluid.
  • Kwatha Dhara: Decoctions produced using spices according to condition and real imperfection or dosha of the individual are utilized in Kwatha Dhara.
  • Dugadha Dhara (Ksheerdhara): Milk is utilized as the fundamental fixing in this treatment is called dugadha dhara.
  • Jala Dhara: Coconut water or water is utilized in instances of infirmities because of the overabundance of heat in the body or Pitta maladies.

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For the most part, Ksheera Bala taila has utilized it, however, different oils can be utilized according to the state of the individual. Moreover, the rundown of oils utilized in this treatment is given beneath:

1) Ksheera Bala Taila
2) Karpasasthyadi Thailam
3) Chandanadi Thailam
4) Dhanwantharam Thailam
5) Narayana Thailam

Benefits of Shirodhara

  • Strengthens the nervous system with calmness.
  • Helps to overcome stress and sadness.
  • Relieves neck and shoulders.
  • Beneficial in chronic insomnia and schizophrenia.
  • Relaxes the brain and emotions.
  • Accelerates the brain and increases spiritual awareness.
  • Relieves anxiety, nervousness, and migraine.
  • Helps to relieve fatigue, stress, hypotension, and asthma.
  • Increases concentration and memory.
  • Increases blood flow to the brain.
  • Improves digestion.
  • Helps in losing weight.
  • Helps to achieve glowing skin.
  • Improves hair quality.

What are fomentation and oilation?

Fomentation is a technique in which steam is used. Whereas, in oil, Ayurvedic oils are used to massage the body.


Q. Shirodhara treatment price?
A. So the cost of this treatment will anything between Rs 1200 and Rs 6000.

Q. What kind of oil is used for Shirodhara?
A. By and large, sesame oil handle with different Indian spices utilize for this treatment. Be that as it may, milk and buttermilk prepared with spices additionally are utilized in this treatment relying on the patient’s condition.

Q. Is Shirodhara good for hair?
A. This treatment shows a few advantages to improve emotional wellness. Since the oils consume through the scalp it additionally assists with dealing with some scalp or hair conditions including hair fall, dry scalp, dandruff, and so forth. Moreover, a portion of the significant medical advantages of this treatment incorporates therapy of, Sleep Problems.

Q. How can we do Shirodhara at home?
A. To do this treatment at home, the ground-breaking ayurvedic treatment to assuage pressure and reestablish tranquility of the brain, can be competent at home with a constant flow of warm cured oil or buttermilk poured over the third eye on the brow.

Q. What should we do after Shirodhara?
A. Give a light head back rub to the patient all through the cycle. After this treatment kneads are finished, clear off the oil or fluids from the brow of the patient. Permit the patient to unwind for 30 to an hour and permit the oil to leak somewhere inside the head.

Q. How do you treat Shirodhara?

A. This treatment originates from the two Sanskrit words “Shir” (head) and “Dhara” (stream). It’s an Ayurvedic recuperating procedure that includes having somebody pour fluid — generally oil, milk, buttermilk, or water — onto your temple. It’s regularly joining with a body, scalp, or head rub.

Q. What is the Shirodhara scalp massage?
A. Fragrant healing Shirodhara Scalp Treatment: This is a special treatment where the visitor rests upon a back rub table with their eyes secure. At that point, an exceptionally arrange warm natural oil pour in a slender constant flow through a nozzle legitimately onto the temple and 6th chakra.

Q. What Are The Side Effects Of Shirodhara?
A. In spite of the fact that this treatment being a definitive remedial and regenerative treatment has no recorded results, one must avoid potential risk so the oil doesn’t enter the eyes or ears during the cycle.

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