Teeth Healthy

How To Take Good Care of Your Teeth. Keep You Teeth Healthy.

The habit of keeping teeth healthy and beautiful

A beautiful smile with bright teeth not only makes your personality attractive, but it is also indicative of your good health. But sad but true is that many people are not aware of keeping their teeth healthy. It is as if they do not understand the importance of the matter until they go to the dentist. If you are a little aware and if you can make some things a habit through regular practice, you will be able to smile with a healthy smile for the rest of your life.

What are you eating, what are you drinking

If you are addicted to chocolate, heavy food with oil and spices, drinking alcohol, drinking too much tea or coffee, or smoking or chewing alcohol, you are more likely to get teeth stains and other problems. Control these habits. And clean your teeth immediately after such food and drink. Almost all bottled beverages are carbonated, reducing the effects of harmful acids on the teeth by eliminating or reducing these beverages as much as possible. Because it destroys the tooth enamel and erodes the teeth.

Two-minute rule

To keep your teeth healthy brush your teeth twice a day. Before waking up in the morning and going to bed at night. Remember, this toothbrush should be done in less than two minutes and not for long. This time is needed to clean the teeth and gums well, to remove bacteria and tooth plaque. But brushing teeth for too long is also dangerous. You can use a watch to keep track of time, or you can pick a two-minute song or music track and brush your teeth while listening to it regularly.

Gently brush your teeth

Teeth Healthy

How to brush your teeth? Brushing your teeth vigorously while brushing your teeth will make your teeth cleaner — this is not the case at all. Instead, brushing too hard can damage tooth enamel. Instead of just pulling the brush back and forth, brush your teeth at a 45-degree angle to the gums. And of course, change the brush every two to three months. If you continue to use the fibers of the brush even after bending, it can damage the gums. If possible, use a soft, medium, or slightly stiff brush as advised by your doctor.

Be kind to the teeth

Teeth for chewing and biting food. The mouth of the bottle is not a tool to open or tear the packet. And don’t bite the food that is absorbed. Extra hard food, do not bite hard bones. This can damage the outer covering or enamel of the teeth, causing fine cracks in the teeth. Do not bite ice or candy, it also damages the teeth.

One cup of tea every day

Teeth Healthy

Tea contains ingredients that can destroy harmful bacteria inside the mouth and play a role in curing gum disease. However, it will not be more effective than the milk-sugar mixture. Black tea or just tea leaves and water are good for this. If you have trouble drinking tea without sugar, you can use alternative sugar. One cup of tea every day after a heavy meal or in the afternoon-evening break can be beneficial for the teeth.

Alcohol-free mouthwash

Teeth Healthy

It’s important to keep your teeth healthy. Use a mouthwash that is alcohol-free. Since most mouthwashes on the market contain a lot of alcohol, these uses can temporarily dry out the facial tissues and increase the risk of bacterial infections. In addition, some studies have suggested that overuse of mouthwash may increase the risk of oral cancer. So be aware of this.

Do not dodge the dental examination

If you have a toothache, pain in the teeth or gums, bleeding gums, or gnashing of teeth, you must go to the dentist. Properly covered, it will withstand a lot of adverse conditions. And it is important for everyone to have their teeth checked at least once every six months or nine months. This is because we often suffer from some dental and gum problems that we may not be able to detect unless they reach a critical stage.


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