Rules, steps and lose weight by walking outside.

How To Lose Weight With Walking? Rules and Steps of Walking Outside.


The biggest advantage of walking outside is that you don’t need any equipment. Walking in the open air in a beautiful, clean environment, especially in a beautiful natural environment makes the mind feel better. The easiest exercise can be walking outside. But you also have to know the right rules to walk outside of this. Failure to do so may result in injury or you may not get the right results from walking. How many steps should you walk in a day? We will know the rules of outside walking

Rules for walking outside:

1. Warm-up: To warm up – first, start walking slowly. Don’t go jogging or brisk walking in the first place. Walk slowly for the first 5 minutes, then increase the speed a little for the next 5 minutes. Warm-up for 10 minutes like this. It is better to warm up for at least 5 minutes. You can warm up for 5 minutes by standing in one place and marching. When the body is hot or the heart rate increases a little, start walking by increasing the speed.

2. Stretching: When the warm-up is over, do a good stretch. Stretch your calf, quadriceps, hamstring, side like these muscles, and then walk fast. Stretching will increase the elasticity of the muscle, making it easier to walk.

3. Slowly increase walking speed: Increase walking speed slowly after stretching. Don’t go too fast at first.

4. Adjust your posture: If you are not in the right posture while walking, your body structure may be damaged and you may get back pain, neck pain, etc.

5. From the beginning of the walk, keep the legs straight, the legs to the waist, the waist to the neck, and the head to keep the posture straight. The head and eyes will be straight forward. There will be two ears along the shoulders. The chin-up will be parallel to the ground, so there will be no pain in your back and neck. Look 10-20 feet in front.

6. Keep the neck, head, and neck in a normal and relaxed state.

7. Breathing will be normal.

8. Pull the abdomen inwards.

9. Use both hands: When walking, move both hands forward, back and in that case, the elbows and hands should be at a 90-degree angle. The hands will be slightly bent and open. Keep your fingers in a light fist. Do not press the two hands too much, keep them relaxed. Once the right hand, once the left hand, thus breaking the elbow, one hand will move like a pendulum in front and back. Swing the arms with the shoulders at a maximum 45-degree angle front and back. From the back, the elbow will come along the midline of the body, not the front.

10. The hands will be opposite the feet — that is, the hands that move forward will go backward. In this way you can understand that the right foot is in front, the left hand is in front, then the left foot is behind and the right hand is behind.

11. The hands should be close to the body or the elbows should be close to the body or along the midline of the body. Only the wrist of the hand will move towards the front of the body.

12. Use both hands while walking, it will burn more calories, give you the energy to walk, and keep your body in balance. Also, you can lose weight by walking. How to lose weight?

13. The speed of the hands will also increase with the feet. This will help in maintaining the balance of the body as well as speed up.

14. Foot Step – When throwing the front foot, start with the heel of the foot, turn to the toes, and move the foot forward. Then take the back of the foot. When taking it back, take it with light pressure on the calf muscle. Pull the hind leg back as you step, then move the other leg forward in the same way. Then turn and take the back foot in front. In this way, you have to walk in a rhythm and take every step. You have to take small and fast steps.

15. Put more pressure on the back foot than the front foot. The hind and front legs will move outwards or away from the body. Not too much.

16. The waist/hip will rotate lightly back and forth.

17. Inhale and exhale while walking: Take long and deep breaths in and out to keep breathing during walking. Breathe in through the nose, exhale slowly through the mouth. This will give your body enough oxygen and more walking power. Know the benefits of walking.

18. Notice how you are improving over time. For example: how much weight has been lost, or how much health has been lost by measuring with tape. Observe your walking speed, how many miles, at what time you are walking, etc. and know how it is improving. Write down if necessary. It will be good to see your improvement and you will be inspired to improve more.

19. Drink water: Drink a glass of water 10 minutes before the walk. Drinking a glass of water for an hour every day will not cause dehydration while walking.

20. Drink one cup of water every 20 minutes while walking.

21. Drink one to two glasses of water at the end of the walk.

22. How many steps should you walk in a day? Well, do not walk at the same speed all the time, increase the speed from time to time. If the heart rate increases or you feel tired while walking, reduce the speed. Decreasing the heart rate actually increases the speed again. Increasing and decreasing speed while walking will burn more calories. However, those who have just started or will start walking will gradually increase the speed, after getting used to walking for a while.

23. Cooldown: Cooldown, when the walk is over, means relaxing your heart and muscles. If you stop walking suddenly, you may have muscle pool, injury, heart failure, etc. Walk slowly for the last 5-10 minutes to cool down. Then do good stretching again. You can do the previous stretching.

24. The average speed of a good walk can be 3/4 mile per hour. Try to walk slowly at this speed, it is not possible to master walking at this speed in one day.

How many miles should I walk a day?

Yes, also you can lose weight by walking. Well, it’s recommended that one can walk 4 to 5 miles per day to have good health. In case you want to lose weight by doing walking then you have to walk 5 miles per day because it will burn around 500 calories. So if you do this outside walking exercise every day for a week then you will lose 3500 calories. Moreover, if you stick to this routine and if you continue this exercise then you will lose 1 pound every week.

How many days a week and how long do you walk?

1. Most days of the week, such as: 4-6 days, walk 30-60 minutes.

2. Rest your body at least once a week. If you rest your body, your exercise will work well. Because, as a result of rest, muscles will be formed, energy will return and exercise will work.

3. Again, do not rest for more than one or two days, then you will not get the result of walking.

What other types of exercise can you do with walking?

1. In addition to walking exercises, you can do stretching, abdominal exercises, weight training, etc. In that case, it is better to warm up first. Then do stretching and weight training. Do abdominal exercises at the end of all.

2. Because walking is just cardio exercise. To get the benefits of flexibility and strength training, you have to do stretching, abdominal exercises, weight training. Then you will be slim, beautiful, and in good health.

3. In that case, make a routine in advance what kind of exercise you will do with walking one day.

When to walk?

You can walk at your convenience. But if you think about the body, it is best to walk in the afternoon. Because then the muscle and joint are flexible. Body temperature is higher than in the morning. Then you can finish all the work and walk free of tension. However, if you have too much work pressure, you may miss the walking routine.

But when you walk in the morning, the muscles and joints become stiff. So the results of walking are not found. Again, it takes more time for the body to warm up. So it is better to walk in the afternoon. But it is also a problem when there is more environmental pollution in the afternoon. In the morning you can walk in a pollution-free environment. But whenever you have time, you can walk at a convenient time. Try to walk at the same time every day.

Where to walk?
Try to walk in a beautiful, pollution-free environment. Make sure the walkway is flat and clean. You can walk in the garden, park, clean sidewalk, or any open space. Change the walkway or place from time to time. It will cut the monotony.

One thing to keep in mind when walking is to keep the whole body in the correct posture, use the arms and legs, fix the mind, walk with sufficient strength. Only then will good results be obtained.

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