Ustrasana For Beginners

How To Do Ustrasana For Beginners. Know Steps, Benefits And Cautions.


Dear reader, in this post we are going to start a new category of exercise – Ustrasana. In addition to curing a variety of ailments, this pair of exercises is a great way to reduce fat, lose weight, improve body shape, increase physical strength, increase bone flexibility, and more. Here we have discussed some important points Ustrasana For Beginners.

Ustrasana For Beginners. In this post, I have given a favorite and very effective seat for everyone – Ustrasana Pose / Camel Posture Yoga.

The body looks a bit like a camel while sitting in this seat. That is why it is called Camel Pose(Ustrasana). The camel is a very strong animal, regular use of this seat improves the whole body and mind. However, it also stretches the whole body.

How to do Ustrasana For Beginners?

Steps of Ustrasana For Beginners:

1. Warm-up your body according to the rules of yoga exercises. So you can do Surya Namaskar / Suns Salutation a few times.

2. Now to do this seat, first sit in Vajrasana.

3. Then break the knee and keep it on the ground from the soles of the feet to the knees.

4. Take a deep breath.

5. Now slowly take the right hand behind the body and hold the ankle or the soles of the right foot. Hold the ankles in the initial position, then try to hold the soles of the feet.

6. Now hold the left ankle or the sole of the foot with the left hand.

7. This time slowly moves the neck first, then the chest and head slowly backward. In this case, from the abdomen to the head will look curved like a bow.

8. Or first, bend the body with your hands behind your back or waist, then grab the ankles with both hands and take a Ustrasana.

9. This seat will have eyes on the roof. Breathe normally and feel tightness in the abdomen and chest. Feel the weight of your body and hands.

10. Then slowly lift the right hand from the ankle to the front, then the left hand to the front.

11. Now straighten the body and stand in the first position with the weight on the knees / take a seat in Vajrasana. Put your hands on your knees.

12. Breathe normally and attentively.

13. This is how you can do this seat by setting 2-3. Inhale at the beginning of each set and exhale at the end.

14. Set in 2/3 and rest in Child’s Pose.

Benefits of Ustrasana:

1. This seat mainly acts as a stimulant for the whole front part of the body, such as the abdomen, waist, buttocks, chest, quadriceps muscles, and all these muscles are exercised and so these muscles are good and have a nice shape.

2. In addition, the ankles, spine, thighs, neck, shoulders, neck, hips, groin, waist, knees, arms, etc. are exercised and the muscles are beautifully stretched and these muscles are stretched and strengthened.

3. Especially the spine is a very good exercise. Exercises all the muscles and nerves involved in the spine. These keep you fresh and active. Starting from the lower back, all the spine, neck, mouth, etc. are well exercised or stretched. That is, the whole back muscles of the body are exercised or these muscles are strengthened. Strengthens the joints of bones. Rib bones play a role in the growth of chest muscles.

4. Helps to fix leftover bones in front of the spine.

5. This seat works best for people with chronic spinal cord problems, such as kyphoscoliotic deformities, spondylitis, and cervical spondylosis.

6. For those who want to fix the chest structure, the seat works much better.

7. Therapeutic benefits include eliminating respiratory or lung and heart problems, increasing performance.

8. As a result of respiratory problems, regular use of the seat for patients with asthma, bronchitis, gives good results.

9. It massages the kidneys and bladder, so these organs stay well. Eliminates the genito-urinary disorder of the kidney keeps the urinary bladder well.

10. Eliminates back pain. By practicing this posture regularly, you can avoid back pain, injuries, etc.

11. If players do this seat regularly, they can avoid spinal elasticity, mobility, injury, etc.

12. This exercise increases blood circulation to the head and neck so that the sensory organs are stimulated and function. This helps to stop hair loss. Supplies blood to the brain, resulting in increased memory, increased concentration. Relieves anxiety, worry, fatigue, sleep problems, headaches, fatigue.

13. So it increases mental fitness or eliminates mental fatigue, increases compassion and love for others.

14. It also increases the function of hormones, thus keeping the pituitary, pineal, thyroid, parathyroid, adrenal, and tonsil glands healthy and active. So those who have problems with these glands, if they do it regularly, get good results.

15. Exercising the abdominal muscles leads to stretching of the stomach and intestines, which in turn improves digestion or eliminates digestive problems.

16. As a result, constipation is eliminated.

17. Posture is fine, works well for the eroded or sagging neck.

18. Women have better ovaries, which increases fertility.

19. Stimulates the endocrine glands in women, so they are better.

20. As a result, if the seat is practiced regularly, there can be no easy female illness.

21. Keeps the prostate gland well in case of boys.

22. Increases the body’s endurance to cold and heat.

23. This seat is a throat exercise, which keeps the throat tone good.

24. After all, this seat keeps the whole body and mind well.


1. This exercise is for those who are intermediate/advanced in yoga. But those who are new can also do it.

2. There is a lot of pressure on the chest when doing the seat, so for those who have a weak heart or lungs or any problem, the seat should not be done or should be done according to the doctor’s advice.

3. People who have high lumbago / lumbar, those whose thyroid gland is enlarged, it is better not to do this seat.

4. People with severe neck pain and low back pain should not do this.

5. People with very high or low blood pressure should not do this seat.

6. It is better not to do it even for those who have heart disease.

7. Those who have had abdominal surgery will do so as advised by a doctor.

8. Pregnant women should also follow the doctor’s advice, it is better not to do it in the second and third week of pregnancy.

9. When doing the seat, do it slowly, do not rush, make sure that no limb is pulled too much.

10. Maintain balance while holding the ankles with the hands and bending the back of the body.

11. The matter of inhaling and exhaling must be well complied with.

12. Those who are new to this seat should not stay in this seat for more than 20 seconds, as it may cause more muscle tension.

13. People who have migraine pain may experience more pain if they do this.

Ustrasana For Beginners is important, especially for beginners.

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