Lunges Exercise

Lunges exercise for beginners. The reason, types, key points and how to do it.

Lunges – The queen of leg exercises for women.

This post is about leg exercise for women, but boys can do it too. There are very few women who exercise. Regular exercise is very important not only for men but also for women. Because exercising means taking care of yourself. Many women are indifferent to exercise. But regular exercise will guarantee you a good stay. And if you are good, the whole family will be good. In this post, we will know about one of the most popular and highly effective foot exercise lunges.

What is Lunges?

This is a strength training exercise because it uses body strength to lift or lower body weight. To break the knee, one the leg is brought forward with the knee bent, the other leg is brought back with the knee bent. Both legs are on the floor. It can be done with or without weights. It can also be done as a yoga seat.

The lunge is one of the best exercises for the legs. It is true that weight loss, fitness, and weight gain can be done only by doing cardio. This is a compound exercise that works for more than one muscle. The quadriceps (thighs), gluteus (buttocks), hip, and hamstrings (the muscles just above the back of the knee. — These muscles work together, so it’s good exercise.

How do you do it?

1. Stand up straight first. Keep your shoulders, head, chest straight, hands straight on both sides along with your shoulders, or your hands on your waist.

2. And the head will be straight forward, the vision will be in front.

3. Pull the abdomen inwards.

4. The knees will be straight along the soles of the feet. The first condition so far.

5. Take a deep breath.

6. Now bring anyone foot 2-3 feet to the front.

7. The other leg will be behind the body.

8. And the toes of the hind legs will be on the ground and the ankles will be above the ground.

9. Slowly bend the knees of both legs towards the front and keep going down to the floor or down.

10. At this time the upper part of the body should be very straight upwards, especially the spine (back) should be very straight.

11. When the knee of the front foot is lowered, do not go out of the front of the foot.

12. Move the front foot 90 degrees to the right.

13. Turn the hind legs 90 degrees upside down in front of the front legs.

14. To keep the balance of the body, you can place both hands in front of the body outside the body / along the front shoulder.

15. Hold this position for one second.

16. Now you will feel the stretch from your knees to your hips on both legs.

17. Breathing will be normal.

18. Go up again or come to the first position.

19. Exhale loudly while getting up.

20. Do the same with the other leg in front and back in the same way.

21. If you cross two legs, it will be repeated once.

22. Set 3 in total 15-20 times.

23. You can hold the chair for the convenience of the lounge so that you can keep the balance of the body.

24. There will be equal pressure on both legs when going up or down.

25. You will benefit if you do it as deep and accurately as possible.

26. Lightly stretch the hamstrings and quadriceps muscles at the end of the lunge.

How and how many days a week?

1. You can do this exercise 2/3 days a week, one day at a time, because the exercise works well the next day.

2. Do 10-20 sets of 1-3 sets or as per the advice of the fitness trainer and do as you need. Do the weight if necessary.

3. Set at least 3 to get the best results.

Key points during lunges:

1. The knees will be along the soles of the feet, and twisting the knees in the opposite direction can cause injury.

2. Do not put too much pressure on the knee, then the knee may be injured.

3. Don’t go too fast, it could be a muscle pool.

4. The body (or spine) will always be straight.

5. The front foot will not go up from the floor, it will be along the floor. The heel will be on the floor.

6. When the knee of the front foot is lowered, do not go out of the front of the foot.

7. When kneeling, the knees of the hind legs should never touch the ground.

8. When going up and down, make sure that the balance of the body is right.

9. Make sure your exercise is correct. If you do not exercise properly, the muscles may pool and the exercise will not work.

10. The body must be warmed up well before lunges.

11. When lunges, keep an eye on whether the exercise is going well or not. So if necessary, stand in front of the mirror.

12. Do each exercise considering your fitness level, age, physical problems (eg: knee problems, back pain, overweight), etc.

13. Be sure to follow the advice of a fitness trainer or doctor before starting any new exercise.

Reason to do lunges:

1. Increases the strength of the legs: The legs are the strongest part of our body, so doing this exercise increases the strength of the legs.

2. Increases the strength, balance, and flexibility of the leg muscles. All in all, the strength of the feet increases. So in daily work, such as: bending down and lifting something, walking becomes easier.

3. It strengthens the tissues or ligaments of the joints of the legs or lower body.

4. The knee is used in this exercise, so it increases the strength of the knee and reduces the pain in the knee.

5. It shapes the muscles, thighs, quads, hamstrings, buttocks – all these shapes are beautiful.

6. Builds leg muscles: Squats can be done for muscle building or bodybuilding and for powerlifting. It works very fast in building muscle in bodybuilding.

7. Increases body balance.

8. Increases body flexibility.

9. Increases bone strength.

10. Increases bone density and maintains bone density properly.

11. Burns fat.

12. Posture fixes.

13. Reduces back pain.

Types of lunges:
The lunge can be of many types, such as: Forward lunge, Lateral lunge, Rotation lunge, Reverse lunge, Side lunge, Jump lunge, Clock lunge, Curtsy lunge, etc. the lunge is called “Queen of leg exercise for women” because it is a very good exercise for women’s legs.

If you want a strong lower body, or you want to keep your leg muscles strong and in good shape, you must include this in your exercise routine. It is a difficult exercise, but if you try to master it with a little effort, you will get good results in a few days.

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