Health Benefits of Vajrasana

18 Impressive And Excellent Health Benefits of Vajrasana.

Health Benefits of Vajrasana

Exercise or meditation is one of the ways of pure and healthy peace in daily busy life. A healthy and mature man and woman should keep at least half an hour to one hour (if possible) for exercise or meditation every day. The body will be healthy and functional as well as the mind will be lively. We can do many types of yoga. Each of the benefits of yoga. Today we will discuss the health benefits of a simple yoga Vajrasana. Let’s know the health benefits of Vajrasana.

What is Vajrasana?

Vajrasana is a special type of meditation or yoga that is done by sitting in a particular posture. Although it is forbidden to do any other exercise on a full stomach, it is different in the case of Vajrasana. Instead, if you do this exercise for 5-10 minutes after eating every day, the food is digested very well. The easiest seat in yoga is Vajrasana. Whatever the name of the seat, this seat is very useful. If you notice a little, you will see that it looks like a thunderbolt when small children sit down.

How to do Vajrasana?

1. First, sit in a flat place with your knees bent backward.

2. The knees should stick to each other and the buttocks should be above the ankles.

3. It should be mixed with the soil from the soles of the feet to the knees.

4. Turn the palms of both hands towards the knees and keep them straight above the knees.

5. Keep your back, chest, hands, that is, the whole body taut and sit still in this position for two-three minutes.

6. Keep breathing normally. Do this three times. Take a deep breath every time.

Straighten your head to look forward with your chin parallel to the floor. Relax both hands and place the palm of your hand below the thigh. You can do pranayama and practice while doing this asana.

Here are things to keep in mind:

1. When doing this exercise, make sure that the spine and the whole body are straight.

2. Whether it is mixed with soil from the soles of the feet to the knees.

Health Benefits of Vajrasana

Since Vajrasana is a special type of yoga, it has many benefits. We all know more or less about the benefits of exercise or meditation in our lives. But the health benefits of Vajrasana, in particular, are indescribable. Let’s see now-

1. Food digestion problems are eliminated

2. Arthritis pain in the knees and ankles is cured

3. Insomnia is eliminated and sleep is restored

4. Toenails are removed or vanity is eliminated

5. Helps to reduce pain in the joints of the waist and shoulders, etc.

6. The chances of getting arthritis are greatly reduced

7. Increases the supply of oxygen to the body and helps to keep the body healthy and fresh

8. Those who have piles problems are cured.

9. You can practice this exercise for some time before going to sleep. This will increase the supply of oxygen to the body and eliminate insomnia.

10. Those who have problems with the soles of the feet or inequalities can be cured.

11. Helps to keep the mind calm and stable.

12. Thigh muscles are strong.

13. Helps to relieve back pain.

14. Strengthening the genitals.

15. Assisting in the treatment of bladder problems.

16. Increased blood circulation in the lower abdominal region.

17. Helps to reduce obesity.

18. Helps to reduce menstrual cramps.

Vajrasana is a very simple yoga which is extremely beneficial for our body. If you spend 3-5 minutes every day for your well-being in the space of thousands of work and do this simple exercise, then you can enjoy the benefits of Vajrasana as well as deal with many physical problems big and small without the help of medicine or doctor.

In today’s article, you have been given a simple idea about the rules and health benefits of Vajrasana. Then from today, you must add Vajrasana to your daily worklist. So do regular yoga and stay well. May your every day be healthy and beautiful.

Precautions and safety tips

Before doing this yoga pose we recommend you consult with your doctor. Because they will give you the best advice to perform this yoga pose.

Yoga experts usually recommend not to do Vajrasana if you have the below conditions:

1. Have a knee problem or have recently had knee surgery
2. The condition of a spinal cord, especially with the lower vertebrae
3. Pregnant women can also perform this yoga pose but they should keep in mind to keep more gap between the knees. Doing so will avoid pressure on the abdomen.
4. In case if you have intestinal ulcers, hernias then you should take advice from the expert before doing this yoga pose.


Q. Is Vajrasana good for weight loss?
A. Vajrasana not only boosts the body’s metabolism, but it also helps to lose weight in the abdominal area, as the posture requires a strong core to stay upright, and it, in turn, strengthens the muscles in that area. Pro Tip: Try sitting in the Vajrasana every day for a trimmer belly.

Q. Who should not do Vajrasana?
A. 1. A person suffering from joint pain should avoid this seat. 2. Those who have spinal column disease, especially on the lower vertebrae, should not try to use this pose. 3. Those who have hernias, intestinal ulcers, and other diseases of the small and large intestine should practice this fracture based on expert guidance and advice.

Q. Is Vajrasana good for liver?
A. Vajrasana improves digestion and aids in liver functions. Among its many benefits, it relieves psychiatric, neurological problems, and indigestion. Vajrasana improves digestion and aids in liver functions.

Q. Is Vajrasana good for diabetes?
A. Includes 13 specific yoga <or = completed by type 2 diabetes patients. Surya Namaskar, Trikonasana, Tadasana, Sukhsana, Padmasana, Vastrika Pranayama, Pashimottasana, Ardhmasetendrasana, Pabanmuktasana, Bhujangasana, Vajrasana, Dhanursana and Shabsana are useful for diabetes mellitus.

Q. When should we do Vajrasana?
A. This is the only pose that can be done on a full stomach. In fact, you can do this after eating. In case of any leg or knee injury, refrain from doing it. Although there are so many health benefits of Vajrasana.

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