The Early Signs of Balding and How to Prevent Them.

Signs of balding


There are very few people who are satisfied with their hair density. Every day, according to the normal rules, after a certain life cycle, some old hair falls out and new hair grows. Yet almost all people can be heard to say, the head was completely empty! But if everything is normal, the head is never completely empty. The scalp is completely free from any problem with the hair follicles of the scalp, any disease of the hair, or any problem inside the body. Which is called baldness in common parlance. However, baldness can not be an obstacle to the development of one’s personality. Many famous people including Shakespeare, Gandhiji, Subhash Chandra Bose had baldness. Moreover, balding can cause to anyone.

What is balding?

To understand baldness, you need to know a little bit about the origin of the hair. At the time of birth, the human scalp has about one lakh hair follicles. The three stages of a hair’s life cycle. The first three years are the anagen phase. When new hair is growing. After that a short-lived phase of 2-4 weeks is catechin. After that, the hair falls out after 3-4 months of the telogen phase. Again the hair of the new cycle comes and fills the void.

Even if there is no physical disorder, the density of hair varies from person to person. However, at any age, 90 percent of anagen and 10 percent of telogen hair should be. This part also changes again, especially with the seasons.

Abnormal hair loss is called alopecia in medical terms. There are three types of alopecia. However, most of the time the practice of baldness is heard to be androgenetic alopecia or male baldness. The head begins to be hollow in a particular shape. At first, the hair rises and the forehead becomes wider. After that, the hair on the top of the head starts to grow. Hair growth is affected by androgen hormones. From birth, it is determined which hair will be affected by this hormone and which hair will not. It’s somewhat hereditary. So there is no basis for what is often heard that all hair is removed after applying a special oil on the hair.

What are the symptoms of baldness?

1. Hair thinning
2. Other body hair thinner
3. Damaged hair

Why balding?

1. Hormones
2. Stress
3. Hair Products And Hair Styles

How To Get Rid Of Scleroderma Baldness?

Medicine and medical health lifestyle. Choose the product selectively. Baldness usually occurs in old age. However, nowadays baldness can hurt in different eras. Not only the elderly, baldness can appear before, but women or men also do not see. A feature of baldness is extra hair fall. Hair loss is normal if there are no more than 100 strands per day. However, according to the research, there are three stages of hair growth, starting from the endogenous / growth stage, the catechin/resting phase, then the last is the telogen/loss stage.

According to Dr. Fred Julie is a Swedish hair specialist and Dr. Flavio Ferrari Liputan, an Italian researcher, there are many causes for hair loss, such as stress, malnutrition, smoking, and alcohol consumption. These three things can reduce hair loss and excess hair loss will cause baldness.

What are the symptoms of baldness?

Here are some common symptoms of baldness:

1. Thinning of hair

Thinning of hair is one of the early signs of balding. Hair thinning in some parts of the head, because the hair follicles are not able to hold the hair roots, resulting in thinning in some parts of the head. Uneven growth of hair, on the other hand, is felt dense, but there are some parts that are very thin with hair and rarely grow too much. Thinning usually occurs from the front of the head to the middle

2. Thin other body hair

Hair loss in several parts of the body such as eyebrows becomes one of the features of baldness. Eyebrows suddenly thin, need attention.

3. Damaged hair

Damaged hair is the symptoms of baldness. Fragile and brittle hair will fall out quickly, adding to hair loss. Loss of hair keratin can cause hair to come out quickly and break. An unhealthy scalp becomes unable to hold the hair roots. An unhealthy scalp can be known by the presence of happy fungus.

Expert doctors say that if a person has certain symptoms, it is almost certain that he will become bald in the future. What are the symptoms? Let’s find out-

1. The line of hair at the very front of the head is called the hairline. Make sure that the hair is falling out from that hairline. If so, you may have baldness in the future.

2. Do you suffer from dandruff? Then your chances of getting bald in the future are high. Because those who have dandruff on their head, their hair roots become weak. As a result, the risk of hair loss and baldness increases.

3. Are you already sick in nature? Do you have a bad body? Then the tissues of your scalp are more likely to be damaged. If so, the chances of your hair falling out will also increase.

4. Decreased hair density is an early sign of baldness. How do you know if your hair is getting thinner? Hold the hair of your head with your fists. Notice how full the handful of hair is. After a month, grab the hair of the head in this way again. Try to understand if the amount of hair in the fist seems to be less than the previous time. If so, the hair is getting thinner.

5. People who suffer from anemia are more likely to get bald. In fact, if the hemoglobin in the body is low, the hair does not get proper nutrition. As a result, the chances of getting bald hair increase.

6. Do you have hypothyroidism? Does that mean your thyroid gland is less active than normal? Then the chances of getting bald on your head are high.

What is the cause of baldness?

Signs of balding at 18? The above features occur because there is a trigger, not without a reason for someone to get bald quickly. Baldness can gently be prevented. Here are the things that go bald, so you can prevent it:

1. Hormones

The cause of baldness in men is usually stimulated by hormones and genetics and thinning hair patterns. This type of hair loss, called folliculitis decalvans, is more common in men. Moreover, in male pattern baldness, if you feel severe hair fall, you have some thin part of the hair on your head, you should be aware of it. For example, in the front part of the hair, before that part of the hair is thick, now it is slowly starting to thin. This may be due to hair follicles experiencing hair loss or not experiencing hair growth.

Among women, menopause is one of the triggers for baldness. There is a hormone called androgen, this hormone can affect hair growth. There are some conditions when women feel after menopause, where the hair loss cannot go back, this is called frontal fibrosing alopecia. Baldness is inevitable due to hormonal and genetic factors. The amount of testosterone in women also decreases rapidly.

2. Stress

One of the well-known reasons for balding. This can cause illness and excessive hair loss as described above. Stress hormones can prevent you from working properly. In addition to stress, there is also the experience of post-operative stress, such as stress after battling physical stress or illness. It is still considered normal if hair fall and growth are still in the balance, but if hair growth is out of balance, it needs more attention. Also, the presence of dermatitis in women in general, if left untreated, can lead to baldness due to injury to the hair follicles, which can also lead to postpartum or pregnancy. This is very normal, but if hair loss continues after three months of delivery, you need to be careful. How to reduce stress?

3. Hair products and hairstyles

Be careful when choosing hair products, because not everyone is suitable for using the same product. Like facial skin, there are cosmetics that are appropriate and not appropriate. Also suitable for choosing hair products and not suitable for use. Also keep your hairstyle dry, oily, or in any combination. Usually, the scalp is equal to the facial skin. Wearing hair products that do not match the type of hair on the head can cause problems like head-scratching. If it is constantly scratched it can cause injury, resulting in the hair follicle not working normally. Of course, you always want to look stylish with hairstyles that are straight or curly on women made men use oil or hair gel or you want to take a different hair color than usual. This can cause baldness.

When you straight or curl your hair, it makes the hair layer thinner. It can also damage the keratin in the hair. Loss of hair keratin can make hair brittle and fall out easily. It can cause balding. During straightening or curling, it is attracted to the scalp so that the hair roots do not become stiff. The heat produced by penstock or curling tools can create hair follicles, resulting in stunted hair growth. Similarly, by coloring the hair, the dyes can cover the hair, so the hair becomes dry and falls out easily. Remember, dyes can hit the scalp, especially if the scalp is allergic to certain ingredients. It disrupts the hair follicles, causing the amount of hair fall to exceed the amount of hair.

It is a condition where the skin is injured and swollen. This applies not only to the scalp but also to all parts of the skin with hair. However, it can also be experienced on the scalp, so injuries and hair loss, and baldness in this part of the skin can occur.

How to get rid of baldness?

Signs of balding at 20? As you grow older or your routine requires such high levels of stress, hair loss cannot be prevented. However, you can try to reduce the incidence of baldness in your hair, here is how to reduce the baldness method:

1. Medications and treatment

There are special treatments to prevent baldness. One of these is hair transplants. Hair replacement is to cut the hair of the part of the scalp that is actively growing, then implant it in the part of the scalp that has rarely experienced hair growth. There is a risk of infection and injury with this therapy. In addition to therapy, it can also use some medications. Finasteride is a drug that can prevent baldness in men. The way these drug works is by blocking certain hormones that trigger tin. Minoxidil is commonly used by men to grow hair. Women usually use drug Spironolactone for new hair growth.

2. Healthy lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle is very important. Eating more fruits and vegetables can prevent free decline which inhibits the activity of certain hormones. If healthy work is done from the inside, it will be felt from the outside. Exercising regularly can prevent stress. There are some natural ingredients that are good for hair such as aloe vera, egg yolk, hazelnut seeds, and coconut milk.

3. Choose the product of choice

As described above, you need to be selective in using hair products. Scalp problems must be treated properly, or the problem will get worse. Avoid massaging the scalp, if you massage the scalp too many times, brittle hair will fall out quickly. Also, notice how to massage the scalp. Massage the scalp by gently pressing on the scalp, do not pull the hair or rub the hair.

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Q. How can you tell if you’re balding?
A. So at the time of brushing your hair you can notice that your hairline is receding. The side that you comb does not work exactly as it did in the past. Although, the most common symptoms of hairline recession are thinning hair around your temples.

Q. What age do you start balding?
A. Balding can be seen at any time. So an average you may have 25% chances of getting bald at age of 30, 50% chances at age of 50, and 65% to 70% are either bald or have a balding pattern at the age of 60.

Q. Can you reverse balding?
A. Finasteride and minoxidil have been proven and approved by the FDA to treat male pattern baldness and even reverse hair loss with most men.

Q. Can you stop balding?
A. There is no cure for hair fall, but there are some ways to effectively treat the symptoms and keep your hair. Regular use of minoxidil or finasteride (or a combination of the two) can alleviate the effects of male pattern baldness and stop hair fall.

Q. Does masturbation cause Hairfall?
A. The simple answer is, No – Since there is no scientific proof that masturbation causes hair loss. Moreover, this is a myth.

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