Benefits of water.

24 Benefits of Drinking Water: How Much Water Should We Drink a Day?


We all know that water is another name for life. We can’t walk a day without water. All we need water for almost all kinds of work every day. All the foods we eat throughout the day, water is the only one free of calories, fats, sugars, and sugars. So drink as much water as you like, no problem. There are so many benefits of water.

Water is 70-80% of our body weight. This means that the main component of the body is water. But we lose water from the body in different ways every day, (such as urine, sweat, breathing, etc.). Moreover, water is also needed to keep the body active.

So our body needs a lot of water daily. To be physically fit, you need to have plenty of water on your diet. We need to drink plenty of water every day. Otherwise, there can be many problems, such as dehydration, constipation, kidney problems, accumulation of toxins in the body, etc.

Health benefits of drinking water:

1. Water boosts metabolism, fills the stomach / reduces appetite, so helps to lose and control weight.
2. When ice drinks cold water, the body heats up to digest it, thus consuming some calories.
3. Drinking water while thirsty quench thirst as well as dehydration of the body. As a result, physical fatigue is eliminated and energy is restored. This is because water provides oxygen and other nutrients to the blood and cells. In addition, drinking water increases blood supply and circulation throughout the body.
4. Lack of water can lead to muscle weakness, discomfort, dizziness, and other problems.
5. Water regulates body temperature. Lack of water can lead to heatstroke.
6. Due to the lack of water, the whole body and all the limbs do not coordinate properly.
7. Water helps to remove contaminants/wastes and fats from the body through urine, bowel movement, and sweat.
8. Water increases digestion power, keeps the digestion process right. Because our body needs a lot of water to digest food properly. So in addition to a lot of fiber, you need to drink plenty of water. This is one of the most important benefits of water.
9. Water reduces constipation. If you do not drink water properly, the body absorbs all the water, as a result, the colon becomes dry, so the waste products do not want to come out of the body properly or bowel movement is not normal.
10. Water prevents kidney stones. This is because water breaks down the salt and minerals in the urine, so there are no kidney stones.

11. 75% of the brain is water. So due to lack of water, we suffer from mental/physical stress. Drinking water every now and then can help relieve stress and increase physical strength.

12. You have to drink water every now and then while exercising. Water keeps the body temperature right, protects against muscle cramps, keeps the body strong. So you can exercise properly for a long time. Not only cardio exercises but also weight training should be done after a little water. Then there will be no dehydration and exercise will work well.
13. Water is a natural cream that enhances the beauty of the skin. Dehydration causes wrinkles on our skin. So if you drink a lot of water, you can stay free from wrinkles. Because water increases the water in the cells, it increases the beauty of the skin and makes it look younger. Moreover, water removes all contaminants from the body, increases blood circulation, and therefore enhances the beauty of the skin. So you need to drink plenty of water to get healthy, radiant, soft/supple skin.
14. Drink plenty of water for a week to brighten the skin and notice brighter skin after a week.
15. Water retains youth by keeping it disease-free and skin alive.
16. Drinking plenty of water can prevent some cancers, such as colon, bladder, and breast cancer.
17. Maintains the elasticity of the joint. Because the main lubricant of the joint is water.
18. Patients with arthritis and back pain benefit from drinking plenty of water.
19. Water relieves and prevents headaches.
20. Water reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke. Because water prevents clogging of the arteries of the heart and brain. This is also an important benefits of water.
21. Water enhances the body’s resistance to disease.
22. Water enhances brain power, enhances memory, prevents Alzheimer’s disease.
23. Reduces gastrointestinal problems or gastric problems, reduces digestive problems and heartburn.
24. Water increases blood circulation, thus reducing high blood pressure.

How much water should you drink a day?

How much glass of water you drink each day depends on your health, weight, where you live in hot or cold weather, how active you are, how much exercise or physical activity you do, and so on. In addition, what other drinks you drink, such as tea, lassi, juice, coconut water, etc., will also depend on how many glasses of water you drink daily.

How much water should a person drink a day:

1. Nutritionists usually recommend drinking at least 8 glasses of water daily. This means drinking at least 8 glasses of water daily with all kinds of drinks and water.

2. According to The Institute of Medicine, men need to drink at least 3 liters or 12 glasses of water daily and women need to drink at least 2 liters or 8 glasses of water.
3. The Institute of Medicine’s Food and Nutrition Board released another estimate in 1994 that women should drink 91 ounces and men 125 ounces.
4. Another rule is to drink exactly half an ounce of water per pound of weight. For example, if your weight is 160 pounds, you need to drink 80 ounces of water. This water accounts for all kinds of drinks. However, 80% of 80 ounces or 64 ounces, it is better to drink only water. Remember that 8 ounces = one glass of water.
5. But if you are healthy and strong, there is no reason to worry too much about drinking water. If you are thirsty, you should drink water normally.
6. But if you are an athlete, exercise, or sweat a lot, you need to drink more water.
7. Extremely hot and humid weather releases a lot of water from the body, so you need to drink a lot more water.
8. If you are sick, such as fever, diarrhea, vomiting after drinking a lot of water. How to stop vomiting?

How do you know if you are drinking the right amount of water?

1. If you do not feel thirsty all the time.
2. If you have 1.5 liters of urine daily.
3. If the color of the urine is white or light yellow.
4. If the color of the urine is yellow, you are not drinking the right amount of water.
5. If your bowel movement is right and if you do not have constipation.

Realize the need to drink water, so keep clean drinking water with you at all times and drink more water. Keep your body healthy by drinking plenty of water on hot days. One of the easiest ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle is to drink plenty of water every day. Then you will look healthy, beautiful, and strong.

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