Walking Mistakes.

23 Common Mistakes To Avoid While Walking. How To Walk Properly Feet.

Mistakes and safety tips for walking.

No matter how straightforward you think walking is, so you need to know the rules of walking as well as the wrong aspects of walking and caution. Only then will walking be correct and walking will be fruitful. Moreover, your troubles will be successful. Because if you walk with so much difficulty and don’t know if it is going according to the rules, the walking time will be wasted. So here we will know some common mistakes of walking and walking posture.

I have noticed that many people do not pay attention to the posture while walking, the spine does not walk straight. Because it causes physical problems, such as back pain, neck pain, etc., and the body structure is damaged.

So when you know the rules of walking, then knowing the wrong rules of walking will help you to walk properly.

In addition, there are precautions for any exercise, so walking precautions need to be followed. Otherwise, there may be any danger or physical problems.

So here are 23 common mistakes to avoid while walking:

1. Do not warm-up and cool down.

2. Most of the time, such as 30 minutes of walking, not stretching after warm-up.

3. The body is bent forward or backward. This can cause pressure on the back muscles.

4. Spine or backbone curvature.

5. Leaning or looking down. This can cause problems or pain in your neck, shoulders, and back.

6. Do not use both hands while walking.

7. When walking, press both hands too much or pull back with the rest. Because the more pressure you put on your hands, the higher your blood pressure will be.

8. Extending the legs at an angle while moving forward.

9. Extend the front or side without touching the body with both hands. The hands are more forward and backward.

10. When removing the feet, first press with the fingers and then walk with the ankles. This can cause pain in your ankles.

11. Walking loudly or walking with pressure on the waist. This can cause pain in your legs or waist.

12. The wrong rule is to take big steps (overstride). It will consume extra energy, it will put pressure on the waist. As a result, you will no longer be able to walk.

13. It is wrong to walk at the same speed all the time. Because there is no benefit in walking slowly. You have to walk fast, which is called walking.

14. Too old, not comfortable, walking after too heavy or too-small shoes.

15. Wearing very tight and heavy clothes.

16. Walking with heavy bags and many things.

17. Walking in a distracted and upset mood without paying attention to walking.

18. Reading books while walking and doing other things while walking.

19. Do not walk immediately after eating a full meal.

20. Don’t drink too much like two or three glasses of water at a time while walking.

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21. Do not walk on an empty stomach or on an empty stomach. Then walking will not be right due to lack of energy, the mind will not sit while walking.

22. Not giving rest to the body even once a week. If you don’t rest your body, your exercise will not work, because rest will build muscle, return energy and exercise will work.

23. For a long time, for example: Do not walk for 2/3 hours. You will be very tired, you will not be able to do anything later. Besides, nothing extra is good. Everything has to be done quantitatively. So extra exercise is not good for the body — remember that.

So try to avoid these 23 common mistakes while walking. Whenever you are going to walk you should know the correct walking posture.

Precautions for walking outside:

1. It is good to have a partner when walking outside, especially those who have a physical problem, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.

2. Must have a mobile, identity card, name, address, home or relative’s phone number, etc.

3. Patients with diabetes, blood pressure will follow the doctor’s instructions.

4. If you have any problems like heart, kidney, liver, arthritis, etc., consult a doctor and walk.

5. If there is any pain, swelling, etc. in the legs or any part of the body, do not walk.

6. If you have back pain, you should follow the doctor’s instructions.

7. Do not walk with fever or any kind of illness. Walk healthy.

8. Do not go for a walk in a very secluded place at night.

9. It is better not to walk on busy streets during the day, full of noise.

10. Walk-in a place full of open, clean, open air.

11. If you feel unwell, you must stop walking.

12. If you feel a little tired, drink a little water and if you feel good, start walking.

13. Do not eat any food while walking.

14. Do not drink caffeinated beverages, such as tea or coffee, just before you walk.

15. These can cause dehydration by removing excess water from the body.

16. Avoid high protein foods, high calorie, fat, and sugar foods before walking. Because these take a long time to digest. So eating these before walking can cause digestive problems.

17. Walk 3–4 hours after heavy meals, 2–3 hours after light meals, and 1 hour after light snacks. But it can be one for one.

18. Do not walk without eating at all or without eating anything all day, it will not give you strength while walking.

19. Eat 15 minutes to an hour after the walk.

20. Excessive sweating long walks and long distances lead to electrolyte deficiency. In that case, you can drink coconut water or saline.

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