Want to achieve ideal body weight.

21 Simple And Easiest Ways To Get Ideal Body Weight.

How to achieve ideal body weight.

Most adults today suffer from underweight. Every human being has a certain range of weight according to his age, height, sex, and physical constitution. If the value of that weight is higher then it is considered to be overweight And being overweight means a lot of diseases in the body, such as pressure, diabetes, cancer, etc. Nutritionists say that one kg of weight can not be kept overweight. Here we will know how to achieve ideal body weight.

So here are some tips on how to achieve ideal body weight:

1. First, find out what your ideal weight is
To find out, do a google to find out your ideal weight menu. Or you can find out your physical condition from BMI.

2. Set goals
Set goals by knowing what the ideal weight should be. Find out from a nutritionist/doctor/fitness trainer how many days it can be achieved. Many people think that to lose 20/30 kg in 3 months, it may not be possible for everyone. So know and understand how to do it in a healthy way.

3. Do a balanced diet
Many people think that the crash diet, fruit diet, lemon diet, etc. will adopt a variety of short cut methods. But it will lose weight temporarily. And as side-effects – digestive problems, hair loss, skin damage, weakness, etc. occur. Even that lost weight comes back when he goes back to his normal diet. So I would say, there is no alternative but to go to a good nutritionist to lose/gain weight. Because our body needs all kinds of nutrients every day. So you have to make sure that your diet contains all kinds of nutritious food.

4. Eating every meal at the right time every day

Finish eating most of the food at the beginning of the day. Do not skip breakfast in any way. And eat at least 5 meals throughout the day. In the morning, noon, night, in addition to the occasional two light snacks should be eaten.

5. Eating calorie meals
To lose weight, you need to avoid fat, extra calories, sugary foods. Instead, fiber foods, such as vegetables, fruits, red sugar, nuts, healthy fats, etc. should be added. Also, the food list should include sour yogurt, cheese, low-fat milk, etc. Eat knowing how many calories you need daily. Remember, you need to consume less than 500 calories daily to lose weight. And if you want to gain weight, you have to eat more than 500 calories. So you need to know how many calories in food.

6. Foods to avoid to lose weight
Avoid sugary and sugary sweets, fried foods, fast food, and restaurant foods because they contain extra calories, which can lead to weight gain. Nutritious and healthy food.

7. Eat more foods
Vegetables, salads, and fruits. I want these to be in every meal. Raw vegetables or fruits help a lot to lose weight. Benefits of salad.

8. The cooking method will be fried, not roasted, grill, steam, bake, boiled, etc. Fried or roasted foods are high in oil, so they are high in calories so you will not lose weight properly if you cook this way.

9. Knowing how much one serving is for each meal
You need to know how much sugar, vegetables, meat, dairy food is in one serving.

10. Patience and perseverance

Many times the weight loss stops. It may not come to your desired weight. Then you have to be patient and try other ways without giving up. This could be by changing the menu or adding new healthy foods or eliminating unhealthy foods or changing exercise routines or lifestyle changes. That’s the way to become successful in life.

11. Restraining yourself in front of food
If you see tempting food, you will want to eat it, but will that ruin your diet? If you really want to lose weight and come back to the ideal weight, then you have to keep your mouth shut and eat greedily. Examples of self-restraint may be getting up from the table with a small appetite, eating less at a feast, or eating water or a salad before a meal.

12. If you are hungry, eat food and stop eating with a little hunger. If you want to lose weight, and if you want to gain weight, eat a little more, then it should be healthy food.

13. Take whole grains and complex carbs
White sugars, such as red rice, red flour, etc. have a lot of nutrients, because they contain a lot of fiber, it takes a long time to digest, so it takes less appetite. And white sugars take less time to digest and increases the body’s insulin hormone. As a result, you feel hungry after a while.

14. Drinking plenty of water and avoiding soft drinks
Waterworks very well to lose weight. A glass of soft drinks contains 10 teaspoons of sugar, which increases weight. It also contains no nutrients.

15. Regular exercise, exercise or going to the gym
Many people think that just dieting will help you lose or gain weight or stay under control. But this is a misconception. Exercise burns calories, increases metabolism, increases fitness, builds body, builds muscle. In addition to walking, jogging, running, swimming, cycling, outdoor sports, etc. Cardio exercises can be a good way to burn calories.

16. Keep the body active

Many of me may not work all day. Try to do your own chores or do some housework or walk from one place to another. Don’t sit for more than an hour in a row. Get up and walk or do some other hard work while working or studying. Seems to be working.

17. Do weight training exercises
This type of exercise increases or builds muscle for boys. For girls too, the muscles are in very beautiful shape. At the same time, the weight and fat are reduced. Those who need to gain weight can also do this type of exercise – to increase the muscles and size.

18. Gradually increase exercise
Exercise will be different at the beginning, different after a few days. So make changes from time to time. Learn how to do it from a fitness trainer. Try all kinds of exercises — Cardio, Strength, Flexibility.

19. Adhere to a healthy lifestyle
I think this is one of the ways to reach your ideal weight. If you wake up at night, don’t eat breakfast, don’t smoke, don’t eat on time, it will never be possible.

20. Don’t cheat on a diet without reaching the ideal weight
Some people cheat on a diet by losing a few kilos of weight. You probably have your favorite food one or two days a week. For example, you can eat sweets, ice cream, but do not eat it every day. However, you can eat low fat or low-calorie versions of this type of food, sometimes in small quantities.

21. Notice your progress

Write down how much you have gained or lost weight by month or week by date. Keep track of your diet and exercise. Take weights once a week. You can also take body measurements from time to time.

So weight loss or gain will be followed by fatigue and constant tiredness. It will take you a long time to get the job done. It takes a lot of patience and effort. But the real hero is the one who is determined to achieve the goal and finally gives it up. I believe you can come to your ideal body weight.

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