Exercise Myths.

19 common exercise myths and misconceptions.


Many people do not exercise. But I have seen that many people have misconceptions about different aspects of exercise. Because these misconceptions are true, they are wrong. As a result, many people do not get the benefits of exercise and do not lose weight properly or the muscles of the body do not sap properly. As a result, it is not possible to achieve fitness properly. In this article, we will know the top exercise myths.

So here are some common misconceptions or exercise myths about exercise: –

1. Exercising for a longer period of time will burn more calories, resulting in weight loss. The correct rule is that the more calories you burn in less time, the more you will gain, the more calories you will burn.

2. There is no benefit if you do not do high intensity or a lot of hard exercises every day.

Correct: The day you do high-intensity exercise, then the day must be low intensity or low workout exercise or rest the body. Otherwise, exercise will not work in your body.

3. Stretching must be done before exercise.

Correct: Do stretching before running and after warm-up, after each weight training exercise, etc.

4. Weight training is a problem for women. This is a very common misconception. Women are never muscled. Cause: Women do not have the hormone testosterone, which helps build muscle. So even if you take more weight, women do not get muscle. If steroid injection is taken, then it can be muscle.

5. High-intensity exercise is a problem for women. Always doing high-intensity exercise can be a problem, it applies to everyone. So not every day, one day after another high-intensity exercise, such as: running, jogging, spinning, etc., it will not be a problem for women. Rather, it will increase fitness, will lose weight quickly.

6. Exercise does not reduce weight. It is true that exercise burns calories increases metabolism and helps in weight loss. However, a balanced diet with exercise will give you the best results.

7. If you lift weights with less weight, the muscle will be a good tone.

Correct: If you take more weight, the muscle will tone faster.

8. More and more cardio exercises are needed to burn fat. Cardio is needed to burn fat, but if it is excessive, it will start to break down the necessary muscle and fat, which will be the opposite.

9. Cardio exercise alone is enough to lose weight, no need for weight training, or stretching exercises. Doing cardio alone can never completely control your weight, you may not have muscle spasms, you need to do weight training and stretching.

10. Exercise will not work if you do not sweat. Exercise only helps the body to cool down due to the release of water through sweat. Even if you don’t sweat, you can burn a lot of calories.

11. There is no benefit to older people exercising. People of any age can start exercising. Because the only exercise can guarantee you a healthy life. What kind of exercise you do depends on your age and physical fitness.

12. No need to drink water in between exercises. The right thing to do is to drink water before and after exercising, otherwise, the body will become dehydrated.

13. Running causes knee problems or other physical problems. Running every day can cause knee problems, running two to three days a week (unless you have a physical problem) then the fitness that increases is incredible.

14. Just exercise the abdomen will reduce the abdomen. That’s right – both cardio and weight training should be done in addition to abdominal exercises.

15. Anyone can do yoga, and get the benefits, there is no problem with yoga. There are many types of yoga. Not all types of yoga for everyone, according to age, fitness, in the right way, under the guidance of a good instructor.

16. All types of exercise are equal for everyone. One person’s physical condition is the same. So not all exercises work the same way in everyone’s body. In some cases, it may take more or less time, but due to genetic reasons, body structure and diet may change over time.

17. A perfect workout routine. You always need to exercise.

Correct: Our body gets used to the workout routine in 4-6 weeks, so we have to change the exercise routine every 4 weeks. It can be done in many ways. For example: doing a new type of exercise, changing exercise routine, changing the type of exercise: such as changing normal floor aerobics to dance aerobics/kickboxing, etc.

18. The only problem with the muscle is to exercise or give importance to that muscle.

Correct: Fat accumulates all over the body, where there are more problems, the exercise should be done at the end. Before that, you have to exercise other muscles as well.

19. Exercise only needs to be done to lose weight and exercise is a luxury. There are many benefits to exercising. In addition to weight loss, exercise is needed to stay healthy, to keep fit, to keep the heart and lungs healthy, to control blood pressure and arthritis. Remember one thing – the way the human body is made for physical work and exercise, so if you do not exercise is bound to get sick. So exercise is not a luxury, it is a very necessary part of daily life.

So ultimately we got to know the top exercise myths.

I hope you know the wrong aspects of exercise and will help you to exercise more accurately. An exercise routine with cardio, strength, flexibility — these three types of exercises will be an ideal exercise routine.

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