Soft drinks side effects.

12 Side effects of soft drinks. Harmful effects of soft drinks on human body.

Side effects of soft drinks!

Soft drinks (Coke, Sprite, Fanta, Pepsi, Mojo, Lemu, Virgin, Euro Cola, Mountain Dew, RC, etc.) are a very popular drink all over the world. We all drink soft drinks every day or occasionally. Many people can’t go a day without soft drinks. At feasts, meetings, and various occasions, eating without soft drinks is not enough.

This drink contains carbonated drinks and soda and sugar. It contains caffeine, sugar, color (caramel 150d), and flavoring. It is mainly of two types: soda (7 up, Sprite) and cola (Coke, Pepsi).

Do you know that this drink is not only beneficial for our body but also harmful?

Why harmful?

So here are 12 disadvantages of soft drinks on human body:

1. It contains ten teaspoons (15 x 10 = 150 calories) and more sugar (in a can of 355 ml coke). Excess sugar raises blood sugar levels and raises insulin levels. Which is harmful to us, especially for diabetics. Excess sugar builds up in the body as fat, which leads to weight gain and obesity. In addition, insulin lowers our immune system.

2. Excess sugar (calories) increases weight. The result is heart disease, diabetes, etc.

3. Soda (7 up, Sprite) is the cause of tooth decay. In addition, due to sugar, bacteria accumulates and causes tooth decay and its acid and tooth decay.

4. Some drinks (cola) contain phosphoric acid which removes calcium from the bones. This reduces bone density, weakens the bones, and can lead to osteoporosis in older women.

5. It contains Sodium Benzoate which destroys DNA and increases hypertension.

6. The amount of acid in cola drinks can cause acidity or ulcer, gastric.

7. Cola drinks contain caffeine which disturbs sleep, raises blood pressure and causes anxiety. How to overcome anxiety?

8. It contains harmful toxins and pesticides such as lindane, DDT, malathion, and chlorpyrifos; As a result, colon cancer occurs and the digestive system is destroyed.

9. According to researchers at Loyola University in Chicago, drinking too much soda (due to excess sugar) can damage the kidneys.

10. According to, caffeine, and sugar in soda cause water deficiency. Caffeine removes excess water from the body through urine. The kidneys also excrete water as they go to excrete excess sugar, resulting in excessive thirst.

11. Recent studies have shown that high levels of sugar break down and build up cancer cells, meaning that the growth of cancer is caused by sugar, which is found in soft drinks.

12. It has no nutrients.

In India, Coke and Pepsi have been banned by the High Court to prove that they are not harmful. This is because these soft drinks are thought to contain harmful toxins and pesticides. All of these ingredients can cause cancer and digestive problems.

Excess sugar in soft drinks is leading to an increase in obesity around the world, which is also a cause of other diseases and is harmful to children. Soft drinks are largely responsible for childhood obesity.

Diet Coke or Pepsi: Many people drink diet coke or Pepsi with the mentality of dieting. But this diet coke or Pepsi contains an ingredient called aspartame, which is a substitute for sugar, which is basically harmful to the brain. There is also Carbonated Water and Phosphoric Acid. Which may cause the above-mentioned problems. Diet coke is banned in many countries because it can cause brain tumors, cancer, etc.

Research has shown that it signals the brain to eat high-calorie foods. This is because aspartame contains phenylalanine and aspartic acid, which secrete two hormones called insulin and leptin. These two hormones signal the brain to eat more food. As a result, many people gain weight instead of losing weight. Brain tumors, headaches, blindness, kidney/stomach/liver problems, cancer, relaxation, dental problems, birth defects, mental problems — these are aspartame. This is due to. How to cure toothache pain quickly?

In addition, since soft drinks do not contain any nutrients, these drinks are of no use in increasing the nutrition of our body. Those who are on a diet, want to lose weight, want to follow a healthy lifestyle must eliminate soft drinks from the food list. So avoid soft drinks, eat plain water, coconut water, or fruit juice without sugar, and save yourself.


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