Frozen Yogurt Recipes

12 Best Frozen Yogurt Recipes You Can Make It At Your Home.

Frozen Yogurt Recipes

Consider frozen yogurt recipes when you want a frozen dessert. These are usually a healthier alternative to ice cream recipes. If you make iced Greek yogurt, it’s got an extra protein to boot. You can make almost any flavor, and since we start with the yogurt we bought, it’s much easier to make than scratch ice cream. We’ve got plenty of options for you to choose from, including a variety of ice confectionery flavors like traditional frozen yogurt, fruit- and chocolate-filled flavors, and frozen yogurt pops.

1. Make-It-Mine Greek Frozen Yogurt

If you’re not sure how to start with homemade frozen yogurt recipes, follow this recipe. We have 10 different options and flavors, including our most basic iced Greek yogurt recipe and more interesting flavors like almond-chocolate pieces and bananas. You can even transform a touch of plain solidified yogurt into a fancier solidified treat by adhering to our guidelines for solidified yogurt sandwiches.

2. Mint Greek ice-cold yogurt

This icy Greek frozen yogurt recipes wins the first prize when it comes to cool, creamy and fresh. These are because of the mint leaves we used to make Greek yogurt plain. The taste of the cooling mint itself is delicious, but a drop of melted chocolate on top takes it to the next level.

3. Raspberry fudge Greek frozen yogurt

Despite the loss of the aroma of frozen yogurt at home, it is better for you than a cup of traditional ice cream. Raspberry preserves and rich chocolate sauce are a delicious way to sweeten a little Greek yogurt and make it taste like a fun dessert. On the off chance that that is insufficient to fulfill your hankering for a sweet treat, top your bowl with chocolate shavings and new raspberries.

4. Frozen yogurt bark

As it is healthier and more delicious than candy peel! This gorgeous Greek iced yogurt peel is easy to customize with whatever flavors you like or what the fruit is in season. Choose a filling like chopped chocolate or nuts, sprinkle on top of fresh fruit to mix with yogurt before freezing.

5. Berry Greek ice-cold yogurt

Mix your summer fresh berries with iced Greek yogurt to make a fresh treat. Choose a choice, or stir in a combo of fresh blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries. We’re glad to eat the frozen yogurt recipes by the spoon or the scoop piece between two oatmeal cookies as a frozen yogurt sandwich.

6. Peach frozen yogurt

Take advantage of their prime juicy peaches in this Greek frozen yogurt recipes. Pure peaches bring a little taste to each bite in this delicious way to cool down when the weather warms up. If you add a few slices on top too, everyone will think it’s just peachy.

7. Frozen Yogurt Icebox Cake

We think traditional ice cream cakes could use a change. To make this icy cake special, we’ve layered three different colors and flavors of frozen yogurt, with coconut chips sprinkled on top and vanilla frozen yogurt stars hidden in the center. Due to the colors red, white, and blue, this frozen yogurt cake brings out the colors for a festive fourth or different occasion of a July party treat.

8. Honey-apricot frozen yogurt

If you want to cut the sugar again, sweeten your yogurt with honey instead. This natural sweetener is better for you than stirring in a teaspoon of sugar and the pure apricots of low-flavored vanilla yogurt as well. A drop of honey on top turns it into sandy.

9. Frozen yogurt pops

Instead of enjoying a spoonful of dessert, enjoy a frozen dessert on a stick. Solidified on a wooden ice pop stick, a blend of three fixings – vanilla yogurt, a continuous shower of your preferred solidified juice, and a sprinkle of vanilla is an easy summer treat. Make batches of different flavors, then gently rotate them together. You can also make striped yogurt pops by applying different colors to each cup and depositing after each layer.

10. Peanut butter-banana Greek ice-cold yogurt

It may not be a sandwich but we are sure Elvis will allow the making of this peanut butter and banana. Banana flakes and a whirl of peanut butter add more richness to Greek yogurt; A splash of vanilla and honey to make each bite slightly sweeter. Using a blender to combine all your ingredients before freezing the ice makes this icy Greek yogurt recipe a must-see and has come from a carton in the store.

11. Frozen coconut-caramel yogurt bark

The next time you crave hot faze-kaka ice cream sandwiches you want a slightly healthier treat, make this chocolate frozen yogurt peel. Instead of a drizzle of hot drizzle on top, mix something with Greek yogurt for a perishable chocolate base. Then top it off as you would a sandwich with chopped dark chocolate, toasted coconut, and a drizzle of caramel.

12. Coconut-Almond Frozen Greek Yogurt

Grab a cherry to add on top of this frozen dessert. Homemade coconut-almond frozen yogurt is delicious enough to bring us back even more, but that’s just the beginning. Once the frozen yogurt is scoop-able, take your bowl to the next level by adding toasted coconut and a chocolate shower (and possibly cherries).

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